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    I was lucky enough to be involved in a post-Xmas game played at a superb wargame venue with some quality figures. Rules were General d’Armee.

    The initial Allied lines, Dutch, Begians and Nassauers deployed in a thin line across table 1. Gemioncourt farm is in the centre, (classed as a strongpoint) and Quatre Bras nestles on the table edge. The undulating terrain meant that each ridgeline blocked line of sight, which proved challenging for the French.

    Bachelu’s 5th Divsion deployed ready for battle. The 6th Divsion under Jerome were still marching to the battlefield, as were Kellerman’s heavy cavalry.

    Initial French attacks go in against Gemioncourt – it took four successive assaults before the farm was to eventually fall! (This farm looks suspiciously like La Haye Sainte, but I think this was the first time this model had every been used since it was bought over 10 years ago, so it seemed only right to have such a great model on the table.)

    The British now arrive in strength and bring up two Royal Artillery batteries to support the lone Dutch battery. The British soon pushed out a heavy skirmish line, overwhelming the French voltigeurs and giving the French command quite a headache.

    Gemioncourt finally falls to the French! Despite several “falter” command tests the Dutch-Belgians stubbornly hold on! A French push using columns of attack into the Bossau woods, is given a sharp bloody nose by Nassauers deployed in supported lines.

    Pire’s Light cavalry seize their moment and ride forward, sweeping across the face of Dutch squares to ride down a militia unit deployed in line, breaking through and riding down its support. The French cavalry, despite casualties ride on into the Brunswick Hussars and Lancers, which proved a bloody contest, with the French eventually falling back to their own lines. The Dutch-Belgians were now faced with yet another “falter” command test, which of course, they passed!

    An artillery duel is now played out between the Allied guns batteries and the French, which the French gain the upper hand forcing all three allied batteries from the field. At this point the foremost British brigade is required to undertake a “falter” command test – which it fails – but fortunately Wellington has shored up Picton’s command with a Brigade Attachment ADC tasking, permitting a reroll. Now guess what number Picton now rolled! (Yes, it was a 1 and the British brigade broke!)

    Jerome arrives on Wellington’s flank! With the Dutch-Belgians now retiring, followed by the reverse inflicted upon the British infantry brigade, Wellington cedes the crossroads of Quatre Bras to Marshal Ney!


    Norm S

    What a wonderful looking game, this is one of my favourite battles, thanks for doing the post.


    An excellent AAR with wonderful figures and terrain, thanks for sharing.

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