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    Each acolyte generates 1/3 of a summoning point per die used, three acolyte dice are needed for one summoning point (3:1 ratio). bad wording on my part originally, sorry.

    If they sacrifice themselves each acolyte would provide a single summoning point by dying.

    Summoners cannot expend their last die in summoning, it would kill them, Only lowly minions can give their lives in furtherance of the ceremony. The HP can only use 9 of her 10 dice to summon. Obviously she’d only use 8, as the 9th would be wasted with a 2:1 conversion ratio. Fractions aren’t kept or carried over, only complete points are added to the target pool.

    Bob can contribute if it makes him feel better but his fractional increase isn’t counted or carried over so he’s not achieving anything. He should go and get two more friends if he really wants to help, or kill himself, he’d contribute by killing himself.


    Fractions aren’t kept or carried over, only complete points are added to the target pool.

    So a minion can’t be an acolyte as minions are 2 dice and they can only give 1 die per turn without dying, and no-one has a conversion rate of 1:1.
    Even with 2:1 they could spend 1 die but that would still only be 1/2 a point and fractions are not counted?

    An acolyte with a ratio of say 3:1 would need to be 4 dice in stats?
    3 spent in a turn leaving 1 so as not to die, and those 3 points are converted into 1 whole point which can be added to the pool?


    But two 2/2 acolytes with a 2:1 ratio could give half a point each which makes a full point that would be counted. Extra fractions aren’t counted, for example three dice contributed by several acolytes with a 2:1 ratio would generate  1.5 summoning points. The 0.5 would be lost and only the 1 would be added to the pool.


    I see the confusion. I’m using minion to mean any lowly non character and you’re using it to mean an actual minion in game terms, good for you, poor show on my account.

    So, Minions in game terms are thugs, pure and simple. But each individual in a Minion group gets 2 dice to attack with.

    Acolytes are magical extras. They are a group like minions with three- five members (or whatever number suits, usually a multiple of their conversion ratio). Each member acts at the same time, when their card is drawn, and each member can use their available dice to aid the summoning. So: A group of acolytes contains three members, each has two dice. Each member can contribute a single die and as a group the acolytes have generated a single summoning point (at 3:1) to contribute to the summoning total.

    If one of those acolytes is killed then there’s only two left and they can no longer generate enough dice to contribute to the summoning. Their only use now is as suicide points or as muscle.

    Likewise, if the group contains four they will generate 1.25 summoning points if they each burn a die and the 0.25 won’t be counted. No point using that extra die at all. The extra member is an insurance policy, they can lose him and suffer no penalty to their magical contribution.



    Angel Barracks

    So I have been writing some new rules to cover situations not covered in the rules and writing some spells and various bits and bobs.
    I am going to try some magic soon, but after much deliberation am going to change the summoning rules.

    Currently the summoned creature has a dice value.
    Let say 10.
    As it stands you only summon the creature when you have spent as many dice as your conversion rates allows to reach that 10.
    So say your conversion rate is 2:1 you will have to have spent 20 dice from your dice pool to summon a 10 dice monster.
    I am going to change this and assign summoned creatures a value and you have to reach this value in rolled dice.
    So in the case of the 10 dice monster you will have to have rolled 70 in total. (2d6 give an average of 7 and with it being a 10 dice monster that means having to have used 10 lots of 2d6).

    This makes the summoning of creatures random, before it was known exactly when the creature would be summoned based on how many turns it would take to save up.
    However by rolling it allows some uncertainty and also makes it a bit more interesting, more fun to roll dice than to count turns.

    This does also allow for luck, a well jammy wizard could have a 10 dice pool, decide to roll 9 dice and get all 6’s meaning it is almost summoned in one turn.
    This puts the pressure on!

    Anyway, I am going to try this out and see how it goes.

    Also I have been penning some new rules as alluded to above, shall I post them in here or start a new topic to keep this the official CROM! topic, or shall we pool all our ramblings here?

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    I like it!

    Definitely makes summoning more interesting.

    A seperate “house rule” thread might be best. Both to avoid confusion with the standard rules and it would give us a chance to bring together all of the fan made rules posted in various other threads.

    An other thing I think would be cool for Crom is a creature thread where people could post their monsters  / henchmen / villains …

    Maybe you could make them a sticky in the fantasy forum?

    If you like small scale skirmish, check out http://planetares6.blogspot.be/?m=0

    Gone Fishing

    Those summoning rules look promising. The rule as it stands seems a trifle fiddly (heavens, fractions!), and I do like the uncertainty this new method would bring to the table. True, there would be times when the vile, nameless thing would appear all too quickly, but there would be others when things work the other way – it’s the stuff wargaming stories are made of.

    I agree that a separate thread with house rules is the best way to go. But why stop there? A bestiary and even a figure reference thread could be good fun as well.

    Does anyone know if Paul plans to have a print version of the rules, or will it stay pdf? I’d love to buy a proper version with nice paper and cardstock decks…


    This looks interesting.

    Just an update on CROM progress: I was made redundant in the summer and I’m currently settling into a new job so progress on CROM (and everything else) is on hold, probably until Christmas or later. Sory, but…priorities 🙂

    Gone Fishing

    Thank you for the update, Matakishi. First things have to come first and all that, and hope the new workplace is proving congenial. Still, I really hope the revised rules keep steaming forward. Crom’s blood! if you released it in a proper print version (with laminated cards and whatnot*), with tweaked missile rules, a bestiary, a few more scenarios and colour pics, it would be…well, a wonderful thing.

    *This really raises rules to another level. You’re probably already familiar with what I mean, but take a look at those offered by Pulp Alley and Fistful of Lead for inspiration. Not sure about copyright issues, but CROM! cards backed by Frazetta artwork – just as you’ve done with yours on the website – would be hugely inspirational.

    Right, unsolicited advice mode off.

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