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    Avatar photoRoss Franks

    Hey there all,

    I have these terrain pieces (both small and large) to paint which I’ve mostly undercoated in their main colours…

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    I’d love to paint them so they look like this…

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    But before I launch into them, just wondering if you have any tips on how you get quick but amazing looking washes for terrain.

    I usually paint base colours, then do a wash (watered down acrylic paint), then highlight or drybrush areas. But I usually find my washes are splotchy and inconsistent.

    What do you use for washes on large terrain pieces (ie oil washes from art stores, or varnish from a hardware store, etc)?

    Thanks in advance.

    Avatar photoMike

    I use Coat D’arms ink washes, “Super Wash” Dark Brown.


    Though I would mostly paint shadows on terrain rather than inkwash at 25mm.

    Avatar photoSteven Francis

    You might want to look at flow improvers to add to the mix. They help make the paint or ink move about and can reduce that splotching. I have only just started to pay about with some so no means an expert on the subject.

    Other thing is future floor wax but in the UK I have not seen it about for a while and know they changed the formula some years back but it has alwys been seen as a good base for washes.

    Avatar photoRoss Franks

    Ok thanks all, I’ll definitely look at trying some of those out.

    Thanks for the help.

    Oh and if you have any photos of your end results for me to compare feel free to post them here.

    Avatar photoCatullus

    Stop using water, start using thinner. Water works up to a point but, when diluted too much, the pigment breaks up and that’s why you get the splotches. You can go much further with thinner. I usually use a combination of thinner and water, depending on what I’m after.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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