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    So I had an hour on my hands and decided I wanted to try something out, and that something was using Ivan’s “No End in Sight ” rules as skirmish rules (my definition: each figure is a man, and each man activates individually). This was just a ‘one-off’ game; I still don’t have a campaign back-story, but after looking into the “Crisis in Alcovia” and the “6mm Prussian Republic” blogs (http://alcovia.blogspot.com/ and http://6mm-prussia.blogspot.com/), I think I’m set on an Eastern European Imagination. I just wish I was as clever as those guys.

    I grabbed four of my 10mm Special Operations guys and seven Pendraken Falklands Range SF guys to serve as Eastern European paramilitaries.

    Good Guys.

    Bad Guys.

    The board, North is right, with Good Guys on the left and Bad Guys on the right, 2′ x 2′. GGs are starting on the left baseline, BGs are spread out on right side, with game objectives being for the GGs to exit the right baseline and the BGs to stop them.

    Things look good out the gate: Spec Ops guys moves up (bottom left0 and pops the Bad Guy at top right.

    To see the rest, please visit the blog:


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    I think Ivan is cool with tweaking his rules. But those hills….

    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    I’m good with tweaks, heck I expect them (and from Jack, it’s just a given, since he’s old and peculiar 🙂 )


    Heck, if people want to write spin-off games, Im pretty good with that too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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