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    Anthony Miles

    Time came recently to sort out some higher level command stands for my growing Anglo Portuguese force. I was looking for basing to represent Corps or CinC level, so around three figure groups.

    Originally I based my command figures permanently in the required size groups but had recently switched to basing them singly on Pill bases from Warbases and using a sabot base for the two figure division command bases. This allowed me to vary the figures used and I wanted to continue this at the higher levels of command, especially as some figures could be needed on different sized bases depending on the situation.

    I couldn’t find the sabot base I wanted anywhere so contacted Warbases with my design and they made me some. They are 100mm in diameter with three slots for their pill bases.

    The command figures are mostly Front Rank or Warlord with a plastic Perry Hussar thrown in as an escort.

    For more see my blog at Jabba’s Wargaming


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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