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    Angel Barracks

    The Liao River Valley on Kometenmelodie that is.

    I am going to start collecting quotes from notable persons of the area, please feel free to add your own.

    I truly hope these Junker Insurgents believe in what they’re fighting for.
    Because with these HK Drones, they are goin’ to be meeting their maker pretty damn quick.
    And whilst I do hate the Junker Insurgent, I do respect any man that will give his life to fight for what he believes is right.
    Be a shame to kill so many people fighting for something they do not believe in.

    – Major Michael Kemp, Alpha Squad, Charlie Company, RDF.


    How about :

    “I love the smell of Jurapeds in the morning…….”  – Fast Eddie………..

    “I came to chew Deema seeds and kick ass, an’ I’m all outta Deema seeds…….”  – Obidiah Kane……….



    Fredd Bloggs

    I’m going to shoot the next person who gets shot – Major Aranjiian Tom.


    “The lose of an eye or an arm isn’t half as bad. These new artificial limbs they have these days, which often work better than the real thing. And if you get arthritis, you can cure it with a can of oil”  – Sir Timothy

    “The tendency of the junker insurgent is his belief that there is a sensible reason for continuing the resistance and losing his life. Day out and day in he makes unnecessary sacrifices for a cause long since lost” – Major McCallum RDF

    “I truly marvel at our accomplishments in genetics. But can’t help but wonder if we are playing god” – Dr Hess Bio-Tech Corporation

    “Cerberus stands second only to god himself. We must be absolute in our divine and we as it’s children must make this happen”

    – CEO Cerberus Corpation

    Angel Barracks
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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