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    Our informal wargame club that meets Wednesday nights in Jim Leach’s basement in Florence Kentucky is becoming more formal; now it has an official name, FOB Humility, and a Facebook page. Still no funny hats or secret handshakes, but who knows what may come? It’s been a while since I posted. Tonight’s game that I GMed was more photogenic than most and I remembered to take pix, so here they are.

    This game marks another step in my revival of the Air Pirates WWII airwar rules for the local club-and-convention circuit. It showcases some models and flight stands I finished over the summer, that made their maiden flights tonight. The scenario was a Japanese bomber formation of Sallys with Hayabusa escorts approaching Rangoon in early 1942, with P-40s and Hurricanes intercepting. We had 10 players, each flying a fighter, besides myself GMing and piloting the bomber formation. We played to a conclusion in three hours. The players seemed to be entertained and I hope to take this game to the fall cons, and gin up some more scenarios for this group.

    I like Air Pirates because I think these rules work well for my collection of 1/144 and 1/120 models. The Sallys are gashopon kits from the F-Toys Big Bird series:

    The Hurricanes are Corgi Fighter Scramble pre-paints, some of the toys that first inspired me to take up wargaming with 1/120 WWII fighters:

    The P-40Cs are diecast toys, sold under the Dyna-Flite brand name among others, that I converted and repainted:

    The Hayabusas are also Dyna-Flite diecasts:

    Here we are at start of game, with the Japanese flying on and the Allies strung out in line abreast, coming to meet them:

    We soon got stuck in. The Haybusas did no serious damage to the Hurricanes and P-40s, but did distract them, so that the Allied fighters spent much of their ammunition and energy chasing the Japanese escorts:

    The trailing Sally was shot up by two of the P-40s, was crippled and and caught fire. One P-40 unluckily  took a heavy burst from the bomber gunners and also lit up. Both flamers put their fires out by diving and stayed in the game.

    By the end of game turn 5, most of the fighters had expended their ammunition. Only one Hayabusa had been shot down and one Sally crippled. I was surprised there were no more losses, but the Allied fighters scattered their attacks across the bomber formation and neglected to finish off the cripple. We ruled the game a Japanese minor victory, as all five of the bombers continued on to hit the Rangoon docks.

    You'll shoot your eye out, kid!


    What a great looking game, thanks for posting it!

    Dave Crowe

    Very cool. Nice to see those big planes get some table time. Looks good for a con game too. Maybe a little long of a game though.


    Thanks for showing us the game. Looks like it was a great night.

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