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    Hannut May 1940 a Rapid Fire Game.

    Whilst at Bovington wargame show this year I bumped into Steve and we got talking about Rapid Fire, I have been playing this set of rules on and off since about 1998, I have not played Rapid Fire for about 2 years.  Steve reminded me that I had an open invite up to Paington to game with Rodger and Andy (they asked me several years ago and I never took it up)

    So on Friday afternoon 6th October I drove the short distance up to Andy’s house.  What a treat I was in for, in the garage there was a 12 foot square table (with a hole in the center for access) all ready for play.  I rolled on a D6 to find my side which was French, Darren got French and Andy, Steve and Geoff were the Germans.

    Date May 1940

    Place French / Belgium border

    Mission French stop Germans, German stop the French and get as many of your forces off the French end of the table.

    The French players had to write a column of route for all their forces and then each commander rolled a D6, I rolled a 6 and Darren rolled a 5.  This meant we had to place our forces 10 and 8 foot on the table in column of route.  This meant the Germans had less than a foot to deploy all their forces that were also in column of route, a logistic and road blockage nightmare.  Wheeled vehicles had to stay on roads (except motor cycles).

    The scale is 20mm.

    French left.


    French right.


    Geman commander ponders.


    An other German commander ponders.




    More German action.


    French armour moving forward, the pink dots indicate that the tanks have moved this turn.  French tanks could either move or fire in this game a tactical pain in the bum for me.


    Whilst the French tanks were more powerful than the Germans, they could move and fire, my tanks coming under pressure would soon retire.


    More action.


    Various views of the table with gamers in deep tactical discussion.

    Units involved.

    French forces, 3 infantry battalions, 2 heavy tank regiments, 2 light tank regiments, 2 armoured car regiments, 2 field artillery batteries,  1 heavy battery off table, 1 engineer company.

    German forces, (guessed from French intel) 5 infantry battalions 2 light tank regiments, 2 medium tank regiments, I heavy tank regiment, 2 armoured car regiments, 1 engineer company, 2 anti – tank batteries, 2 heavy batteries off table.

    We had to roll for air mission’s each turn, French got 1 mission all game, the Germans got 3, though the weather was wet and heavy rain for two thirds of the battle.

    I hope these few photo’s give a feel for the game, I have over 200 images of the game.

    I had an excellent three days of wargaming Rapid Fire (we reckon 26 hours of actual gaming), I believe the Germans won, though I await Rodger’s final casualty total to confirm this.  A huge thank you to Andy for his fine hosting of the game in his gaming room, well done to Rodger for organising the event, planning the battle and being the umpire.  The game certainly runs smoothly with an umpire and very many thanks to Steve, Darren and Geoff, for excellent sporting gamesmanship and friendly banter.  Cheers to Kev and Gary for popping in on Saturday.

    Victoria Dickson

    Looks like it was a lot of fun, thanks for sharing. 🙂



    Huge game! Wonderful table!

    Norm S

    What a spectacle, these sort of ‘game fests’ stay in the memory for a long time.

    Re the hole in the middle of the table ….. I take it the youngest is volunteered by everyone else to crawl under and the table and ‘pop up’ !


    Cheers for all your kind comments.


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    Fabulous. Awe inspiring sized table. I think I recognize a number of the German tanks, this must be 1:72/6? In the picture entitled “Action”, what is going on? I see one Lo g gunned H39 ablaze but the B1bis and other H39s intact but back to back with Pz IIs?

    The scale is 20mm, Tim I have a full AAR with photo’s I can e-mail if you want.


    Glad to see the Early War French get some love.  Excellent game!


    "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."

    --Abraham Lincoln

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