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    Norm S

    Taking the Men-of-Iron Tri-Pack for another spin, this time with the Bosworth Battle (by chance the anniversary is in a few days).

    My blog post describes the post and discusses a few of the intricacies. LINK


    Guy Farrish

    Good report! Thanks Norm.

    Was the concentration of the action on the Lancastrian right a function of the initiative system?

    It seemed odd that a large chunk of both armies wasnot committed.

    I’m very tempted by the Tri-Pack but I keep thinking of the number figures I could buy for the price!

    Obvious answer is both I know.

    Thanks for tempting me a bit more.

    Norm S

    Guy, yes, the activation system resulted in a concentration of action to the right. Basically the way it works is that you get a free activation and can activate any one formation – you do that and move and fight with it. You then attempt to activate another, typically needing to roll a 0-3 on a D10. If successful, move and fight with that formation and then try to activate another. If you fail to activate, play goes over to the other side, who get a free activation of their first formation and then they likewise will attempt to further activate other friendly formations, looking for that 0 – 3 score and so it goes on.

    Since you have a pretty good chance of failing to activate by die roll, then you use your free activation to ensure you activate your most pressing unit and then try to get another. Since Yorkists had 2 formations out on this flank and the Lancastrians 3, their prime attention was given to acting and responding on this flank and you had generally handed play back to the other side before even considering the centre.

    I felt that I couldn’t afford to spend an activation on the other side of the board because there was always some urgency for both players to deal with at the point where Richard was pressing his attack.

    It is a chunk of money, but from a boardgaming perspective, the 20 battles helps value wise.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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