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    These books probably affects my games the most, either in tone, setting inspirations or how I view the genre.

    Every Body Loves Large Chests (series)- Neven Iliev
    Kings of the Wyld- Nicolas Eames
    Spell, Sword, Stealth (series)- Drew Hayes
    Exiles (incomplete series)- Melanie Rawn
    The Deeds of Paksenarian (series)- Elizabeth Moon

    Most books by John Scalzi
    Dread Empire’s Fall (series)- Walter Jon Williams
    Subterene war (series)- T C McCarthy
    Ancillery Mercy (series)- Ann Leckie
    The Lost Fleet (series)- John G Hemry

    Military fiction
    Red Phoenix- Larry bond + someone

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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