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    Avatar photoMr. Average

    The sets and supplements from Nordic Weasel have gotten very extensive, to the point where I’m not even quite sure what they all do! I’ve heard good things about them and I know they fall generally into the Somethinghammer and Five Units of Distance from a Place series. Beyond that I’m not sure where to start.

    The game I want to play is with the Quar from Zombiesmith. I want to be able to model the differences in weapons and tactics for each faction, and to get a fair number of tanks on the field. I want to design my own forces, not select from a preset list of generic things, although I’m generally okay with “all guns shoot it’s just a number” for speeding up mass battles.

    I also want to base my troops in five-man squads on scenic bases so I don’t have to move huge passels around one at a time.

    Is there a Nordic Weasel game for that? I have to assume there is but can you help with this?

    Avatar photoTony S

    Perhaps the WW1 or RCW sets?  They’re fairly lightweight, so should be more easily translated to all things Quar-ish.  More specifically, Trench Hammer and October Hammer.  Both good games.

    I’m sure you are already aware of This Quar’s War, Of Spats and Pedrails and Songs of our Ancestors?

    Can’t say that I’ve ever played them, so can’t really vouch for them.  I did own them at one time, and read them, but sadly they were lost in the Great Flood of 2020 here at my house.  I seem to recall a favourable impression, with some chrome to try and capture that Quar world.

    Out of curiosity, are you using 6mm, 15mm or waiting for the new plastic 28mm from Wargames Atlantic?

    Avatar photoBowman Stringer

    Interesting, as Zombiesmith is still producing their wonderful figures. I don’t need any new projects but the Quar have always fascinated me. Thanks for the heads up, Tony.

    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    I do so like the Quar.  I had some at one point but they were stolen at a convention and I never got around to replacing them.  I’ve been trying to stay away from 28mm but there has been some creep so these new plastic guys might find their way into my pile.

    As for suggestions for NW rules, sorry dude, I’m as lost as you with his plethora of goodness!  My predilection would be to have one set for doing 6mm battles and another for doing individually based skirmish as long as they use the same mechanics.

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    Avatar photoMr. Average

    I was actually convinced to go with Wiley Games’ “Bigger Battles” from their Fistful of Lead series for the time being, but I remain open to a Five Units of Distance from a Place or Quarhammer title, if it works better.

    Avatar photomadman

    Late to the party but looking at these figures for a while. I am thinking a WWI “sort” of rules, Red Actions by the perfect captain. Also from Pygmy Wars in a slightly more developed version,


    Avatar photoFrank Ryan

    1. Quar Rules – now mostly available for free

    2. Quar 28mm Plastics coming out next year from Wargames Atlantic (OK, I’m hooked now!)

    3. A bit of fossicking reveals some Armour (at least two “tanky” quar designs) will likely be produced following the initial 28mm plastic release.


    Have a great day, Frank



    Have a great day, Foxtrot

    Avatar photoMr. Average

    Thanks Frank! I’m aware of the in house rules for Quar but have found them unwieldy. My goal was to use the Quar as the basis for a different game system, possibly one of the Nordic Weasel games since they get a lot of good press. My issue was that they all have similar names and it’s very hard to tell what they do or what would be the appropriate one to use for the kind of game I like to play. But I think the point is settled for the time being anyway.

    Avatar photoFrank Ryan

    Mr Average, Sorry, I realise I wasn’t answering your question, more giving everyone else a heads up on what is and what will be available. Me, I’m just waiting for the plastic goodness to be released …. and stockpiling all the fluff (background and kits – the storylines and scenarios hooked me so far) for when I do. I am thinking of supplementing Quar Tractors with the more esoteric Paper (or maybe 3d printed) WW1 tanks and armoured cars. I would love to field a couple of Tsar tanks (I have a paper model) and various Aerosans (OK, WW2 but quirky and have a tank, MG and Transport variants just for variety and maybe remove the sleds and replace with tracks) and a selection of Porco Rosso/Nausicaa and similar ‘flyers’. Oh and I have a plastic Pig Crewed Bad Guy Anime super tank and a couple of large plastic and metal flying things that might also get a run.

    Have a great day, Foxtrot

    Avatar photoMr. Average

    The plastics look very promising, I hope they measure up to my metal 28s, which are my beautiful favorites. I’m going to be using the 15s in my mass combat set for which I was searching out a rules set for fast play. And the 6s are very workmanlike but some are definitely better than others – for them I would use Future War Commander and do a Quar Cambrai.

    Avatar photoRetroboom

    The Hammer games are too cheap and too simple to pass up. Check them out:

    Winter Hammer. Easy Winter War gaming.
    Trench Hammer. WW1 fighting on the cheap
    Trench Hammer Expansion
    October Hammer. RCW gaming on the cheap!

    Richmond, VA. Let's play!

    Avatar phototelzy amber

    I agree one of the Hammer rule sets should work well especially WW1. I thought there was a Spanish Civil War set but I guess not

    Avatar photoLogain

    I’m going to toss in my absolute favorite of his rules (one of the early ones) – Company Commander. It is a very elegant game that ticks all of your boxes.  I’ve tried some of his newer games and keep coming back to this one.

    Avatar photomadman

    I’m going to toss in my absolute favorite of his rules (one of the early ones) – Company Commander. It is a very elegant game that ticks all of your boxes. I’ve tried some of his newer games and keep coming back to this one.

    Ask him directly for the 1st edition as the “people’s edition” or whatever it is called on wargamesvault is missing important info which vanished from the 1st to 2nd(?) editions.

    Avatar photoPaint it Pink

    If it were me… I’d use Chain-of-Command or Through the Mud and the Blood, both by TooFatLardies.

    There are several articles in their magazine issue about converting Chain-of-Command to WW1 Mud & Blood.

    Or, if you’re very brave, one could ask me to send you a copy of my SF conversion for Chain-of-Command.

    One is good, more is better

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