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    Can anyone offer recommendations for 28mm Romano-British or maybe Arthurian figures?

    I’ve spent some time searching and found a lot of figs that look pretty nice.  I’d like to be able to mix figs for my needs, so hope to be aware of lines that tend to be overly big or small, slight or chunky in style, etc.

    Any advice would be appreciated.




    Avatar photoGeof Downton

    I have a mixture of Foundry, Westwind and Gripping Beast. They are no more varied than real people, in fact probably less. They are all somewhat ‘chunky’.

    Footsore are similarly sized/proportioned, Outpost are far too small (‘though exquisite).

    I’d post a picture but I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve had them for 12 years and they’ve yet to see paint…

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    Avatar photoOh no….

    British cavalry

    Pict cavalry

    These are all “old” Gripping Beast, not sure they are all still in production now? The only “new” GB figure is the one I used for “Arthur” and I added an extension on to his cloak.

    I much prefer the “old” range of GB figures.

    Avatar photoOh no….

    This is a 4 unit shieldwall, again all “old” GB.

    Avatar photoian pillay

    1st Corp do some nice looking Romano British in 28mm

    Romano British


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    I have a number of figure manufacturers I use foundry, A & A miniatures, Footsore and Gripping Beast.




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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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