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    Peter Berry

    First off, some bad news.   Due to personal circumstances Baccus will not have a stand at Recon in Pudsey this coming Saturday.    I am really sorry about this.    If you have a pre-order I will be visiting the show, so please contact me to sort out collection arrangements.   If you were hoping to bring a shopping list to the show, again, please contact me and I’ll see if I can bring something with me for you.

    On a more positive note, we’ve got a couple of new releases for your delight and delectation.

    Firstly, another release in the outstanding series on WSS armies from Robert Hall.

    This CD is a supplement to his works on the French Infantry, Cavalry and Dragoons of the period.  In Robert’s own words;

    ‘Since we wrote the original books on the subject in the years 1999-2005 there has been something of a revolution in the archives in France, Germany and other countries. During the last ten years much of the repertories, lists of files and contents, have been put online and may be reviewed on the internet…..This prompted us, Giancarlo Boeri and me to make a new list of candidates and re-visit the archives in April 2015. Yves Roumegoux once again assisted me in Paris. The results of four days of search may be found in the following document.’

    • 70 pages of text
    • 18 infantry colour plates
    • 8 cavalry colour plates
    • 4 dragoon colour plates

    You can get more details here.

    Changing periods and geography, we’ve some new Ancients Shield Transfers out for both the Greeks and the Macedonians

    These offer more variety in design and colour than the current offerings and will really give that extra bling to you phalanxes.  You can get more details here and here.

    And to wrap up this section, some advance warning that the Polemos GNW rules will shortly be released.  More details of this in the next couple of weeks…


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