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    Nicholas Jebson

    Printable Scenery has delved into a brand new fantasy world in the Reign of Arcane: Rise of the Halflings Kickstarter.

    conceptualized by film industry concept artist Johnny Fraser-Allen, The Rise of the halflings delves into the city of Wollockshire and its Halfling inhabitants. After the Great Wyrm devastated the Halfling town, and its residents were resigned to their fate, the mysterious Great Warlock appeared and tamed the beast using its true name. Becoming the Halfling’s savior, he utilized the knowledge of the Wyrm to shape a new society, crafting Archanical devices fueled by the Wyrm’s own bile to industrialize their world.

    However, some of the Halflings find the Great Warlock’s story to be far too convenient, and have retreated to what remains of the forests to lead a resistance movement against him. Led by the Druid Ortegar Deepwood, these halflings seek to overthrow the Warlock, taking back their destiny and that of Wollockshire.

    Johnny has created some amazing artwork for the world that Printable Scenery is turning into awesome 3D printable models. With a mixture of incredibly detailed terrain and, for the first time in a Printable Scenery Kickstarter, Awesome looking miniatures, we hope to bring the world of the Reign of Arcane to life!


    That is pretty


    Wow, that’s just gorgeous

    Steven Francis

    How I wish I had a printer…and space….

    Andrew Beasley


    The mix of buildings look odd but somehow goes together well though!?!

    The figures though are so so sweet – I can only hope someone takes a license to print in the U.K.

    I would wish you luck but you’re only a ‘little’ over funded already  so do not need it (195 times so far)…

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