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    Stone Dog

    So far I’m liking the War Mode morale/suppression way more than the vanilla mechanics, but I’m not clear on how the new system is meant to interact with melee:

    1) What happens if a unit takes more than one casualty in the melee phase? Do I follow the new morale system (shaken, broken, routed)? If so, can I actually get a result of shaken in melee, or is the losing unit never considered in cover?

    2) What happens to a shaken unit that finds itself in melee? Will its elements only hit in melee on a 1? No effect? Just slap on a -2 like pinned from the base rules?

    Ivan Sorensen


    Yes, apply the new morale system to melee as well. It should read “Squads test morale once in any Phase where they lost a figure”.

    In some rare cases this can result in a unit testing twice. This is intended (they’re obviously under a heavy attack) but if you find your troops are a bit too shaky this way, amend it so a unit that passes in the firing phase only tests a second time after melee if they took MORE casualties in the melee phase than in the firing phase.

    A unit in melee counts as being in cover for morale purposes if they are lined up defending a wall or similar and none of the enemies have gone around (or over) the obstacle. Once an enemy is among the squad, they are considered to be in the open (and will break).

    Shaken units fight normally in melee. The presence of an enemy bolsters their courage a bit.

    Nordic Weasel Games

    Stone Dog

    Thanks for the extremely prompt answer, Ivan (and for your awesome wargames).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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