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    Avatar photoJeremy Sutcliffe

    I’ve  just had a cataract operation.

    That should be good news and it is. For going about the house and around town I’m not wearing glasses for the first time in 60 years.

    My other eye (cataract done about 4 years ago) gives me a good focal length for reading but no closer.

    My detail painting technique relied more and more on the eye with the cataract and painting about an inch in front of my eye where everything was still in sharp focus.

    My newly repaired eye, as brilliant as it is for reading the scoreboard at Old Trafford without binoculars, has no close focus capacity at all.

    I’d anticipated the problem and found some inexpensive jeweller’s eye pieces on Amazon. The one with 2x magnification is all I need.

    The trouble is that I have yet to master keeping it in my eye. I spend as much time casing it across the floor as I do putting paint on a figure.



    Avatar photoMike

    What about these:

    I got mine from Maplins.

    Avatar photoNick the Lemming

    What about these: I got mine from Maplins.


    Mike, how much were they, and do you know if they fit over glasses?

    Avatar photoBlackhat

    I also had cataract operations 3 years ago and found it changed my focal length so I can no longer hold a figure right in front of my eye.  I use a cheap set of magnifiers with a headband.  Can’t remember where I got them from but they were a lot cheaper than buying an Optivisor and they work absolutely fine.

    Having said that I’ve been painting 54mm with a size 3 brush recently…


    Avatar photowillz

    I have been wearing classes for 12 years now and I like you Jeremy had to learn new painting technique.  I have found using an arm mounted magnifying glass with  interregnal daylight lamp works for me, it required me to relearn distances and use different skills to paint my figures.  I know you are not wearing glasses now but tis might work for you.


    Plus its now cheaper than when I bought mine.

    Avatar photoPatrice

    I have one of these. Good stuff.

    (It fell on the ground once and broke the light but it was easy to order a spare light).


    Avatar photoLuddite

    Got mine from The Loupe Store.



    Cheap as owt, fits ower glasses an all.

    Avatar photoAndy hutchinson

    Guys if you can  check around instead of jumping straight to maplins. They aren’t the cheapest option around.


    One example, diamond needle files, maplins wanted to charge me £10 the hardware place 50 feet away charged £6 and they are better durability and quality.


    I got the same thing Patrice mentioned and as Patrice says, it has a lamp…and you can get a daylight bulb. The visor is easier to use though.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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