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    Proxima B – District of Badgers Holt, WestMinister Holdings Controlled region.

    The small district of Badgers Holt was given over for management to WestMinister Holdings. A very influential corporation which managed to survive after the destruction of London during WW3. Now, they’ve been given the task of helping to colonise Proxima B. All WMH personnel were given the security briefing regarding the existence of the PHR(Post Human Race) and the threat they pose. The district consists of a small farming community. The town hall complex, various other outposts and a small force of Royal Military Police (RMP) or Red Caps as they are also know. The RMP garrison providing security for the district.

    Prologue – “You’re not on the guest list mate”

    The Caine Toad APC slows as it approaches the town hall complex. The duty Red Cap, a young corporal smartly salutes as he grants access. The APC comes to a halt outside the town hall. The rear door opens and Minister Clement Whittemore steps out.
    “Good morning Corporal” he says, greeting the guard on the door.
    “Morning sir” comes the reply, as Corporal Ellis stares out from under his red beret.
    Whittemore pauses for a while taking in the fresh unpolluted air and stares up at the distant transmitter tower. Unknown to Whittemore, someone was watching him from the tower, through a scope of a sniper rifle.
    “Your first appointment of the day sir…..Managing Director Jürgen Gutenberg. He is waiting in your office”. Announces the Corporal. Whittemore snaps out of his trance, smiles and hurries into the building.

    “What is this Jürgen? There is more here than usual” Says Whittemore, smiling greedily.
    “The money is merely a token of our appreciation. We couldn’t do business without you”. Replys Gutenberg.
    “I like the way you think…..Now what is it I can help you with today?”
    “We have put in bids for the construction work next season and wondered if….”
    “Leave it to me” interrupts Whittemore, chuckling “But remember, tread carefully. The walls always have ears”.



    Over at the dog handlers kennel compound…..

    RMP Dog handler Staff Sergeant Tommy Forbes yanks on the chain leash. Immediately Max, the platoon Razor Hound which is nearly as big as Forbes himself. Snarls and snaps at his handler.

    “What’s the matter with you? You’ve been grumpy since we’ve gotten back from patrol”. Complains Forbes.
    He drags Max over to the kennel. Who seems weirdly reluctant to go in.
    “Go on…..get in there…..you miserable mutt”.
    He boots the hound up the rear end and slams shut the kennel gate.

    “Having problems Staff?” Asks Corporal Brock
    “Oh, I dunno what’s got into him. I’m going over to the town hall complex for scoff. You coming? The cookhouse is doing chicken nuggets and chips tonight”.
    Brock sighs….”I don’t like chicken nuggets. You go ahead Staff, I’ll finish up here”.

    “Ok, I’ll come back and pick you after I’ve had scoff” Says Forbes.
    He jumps in the APC and guns it towards the town hall complex.
    Max soon settled down after Forbes left. But it didn’t stay quiet for long. Max woke immediately; something unsettling him. Then some sort of energy burst hit him. He snarled, then whimpered as he falls back and collapses. He spasms uncontrollably as his DNA begins to be rewritten.

    Meanwhile…..Forbes finishes his meal, leaves the cookhouse and climbs into his APC. As he leaves another APC enters the complex. It stops and a young RMP medic jumps out. He signals the others to give him a hand.

    “Medical emergency. One of the farmers has collapsed. He’s convulsing” Says the medic as he pulls the casualty out of the back.
    “Ok, get him inside and on the diagnostic bed”. Says the duty doctor.

    Forbes pulls into the small kennel compound and  jumps out.
    “Well you didn’t miss much” he explains “The chicken nuggets were dry and the chips soggy”
    “Broooooock! Where are you?”
    Forbes was about to shout again when he stopped and looked at the wracked kennel. What the hell he thinks to himself. He study’s the broken kennel and thinks to himself that it looks like something broke out.
    “Staff….thank god!” Says Brock

    Forbes turns around and sees a terrified Brock, rifle at the ready.
    “What happened here? Where’s Max?”
    “I dunno…..I heard a loud crashing noise and when I came to look. That’s when I saw it…….it was big!” He explains Forbes was about to quiz Brock further when they hear a clicking sound. When they turn; what they see is terror!

    To be continued……….

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    “What got into him”? Hehe.



    Chapter one – “Da Masta Snipa”

    Dexton Kregar looked though the scope of his Accurized International sniper rifle. The third generation electronic sniper rifle boasting railgun technology. It was by no means new tech. But it was deadly accurate and reliable. He watched from his vantage on top of the transmitter tower. It wasn’t the ideal location but the only place high enough for his needs. There was a high chance that his Hyperstealth cloak would be less effective due to the interference from the tower. But he wasn’t worried, he was sure nobody had the necessary tech to spot him on this backwater planet. He would still remained invisible enough to the naked eye. He watched the Royal Military Police. He watched the farmers to the east and the daily comings and goings while he waited patiently for his target.

    Then something caught his eye. He takes a harder look through the scope. There it was again a distortion of some sort. Then it vanished, he adjusts the band width on the scope and looks again. The scope was capable of locating targets such as enemy snipers which might be using hyperstealth like him. Could it of been? He thought to himself. Someone else using cloak technology. He decides to hold fire on his target for the moment. He knows there could be a greater threat to deal with first.

    There was definitely someone out there. The question is could he find them? Then all the commotion over at the dog kennel compound gets his attention. He moves his scope watching intently. He didn’t see exactly what happened but he could see the two MPs. Then he saw the giant bug!


    Kregar had no idea where it came from. Nor if it was indigenous but it was clear  that it was hostile and that the two Red Caps were in big trouble. He quickly reviewed his options. It was clear that he’s the only source of help.

    Kregar’s options

    1. Shoot it! But this could make him visible. It could jeopardise his mission and give his position away to both the Red Caps and whoever is out there.
    2. Don’t do anything! The Red Caps aren’t his friends and they can take care of themselves.
    3. Other! Maybe another option?

    So, what does Kregar do?  I’m unsure as yet. I think Kregar would wait out. But he knows the battlefield is changing. He knows the main threat is PHR. He knows he can’t just sit there. Something needs to be done. But what?

    Meanwhile….Forbes and Brock options. The bug is too big to shoot, but the Red Caps do carry hand grenades. Forbes traits are a charismatic leader. So I think he should automatically win the initiative. After all it’s only a bug no matter how big. I’m keeping it simple for the moment so not bothering with fear and that sort of thing.

    Forbes and Brock options.

    1. Just run, get to the APC. Should be the safest place.
    2. Lob a grenade then run! A well placed grenade between the legs might do it. But should Brock throw one too? Remember that grenades pose a risk to them as well.
    3. Other? Maybe another option.

    While all this is happening. All hell is breaking loose over at the Town Hall complex. That medical emergency; the farmer who was convulsing. His DNA gets rewritten and he’s not the only one!

    Corporal Ellis jams his figure on the trigger. Automatic gunfire erupts and the xenomorph screeches and reels back. He throws in a grenade and runs out of the medical station. He runs over to the Town Hall building and enters the corridor. He makes his way to Whittemore’s office. When a wounded Red Cap stumbles out of an adjacent room. He looks at Ellis and tells him to run. Just as he gets attacked, the Red Cap goes down firing. Ellis reaches the office and the door is locked, so he bangs hard and announces himself. A terrified Whittemore opens the door and Ellis slips in. They lock the door behind him. Then the gun fire outside stops. Silence for a while then a bang on the door. Someone is trying to break down the door! Ellis loads a fresh magazine into his weapon and gets ready to fight their way out. But then Whittemore declares that there is another way out. A secret passage leads from the office to the dog kennel compound. For emergencies situations.

    Ellis and Whittemore, as I see it have very little options.

    1. Stand and fight their way out. Try and make it outside to the APC. But there’s at least one xenomorph outside and who knows how many more. Whittemore is no combatant.
    2. Take the passage to the dog kennel compound.
    3. Other? I suppose the office would have a phone/ comms device. They could try and call for help? Other then that I can’t think of anything else.

    I’m writing the bug and xenomorph stats now. Standard Starport Scum movement, but I’ve increased their attack dice. So all creatures will be pokey if it gets close enough for a melee. Once I’m ready I’ll come back and roll some dice. See how this Starport Scum campaign will pan out. In the meantime feel free to reply and chip in with ideas and decisions for the characters. Would be nice to hear any of your thoughts on the characters and the mess they are in!

    So this is the five man squad.

    1. Minister Whittemore. A bit of a snake, bent when it comes to being bribed. But not a nasty man. Haven’t decided on his traits as such. But a non combatant though.
    2. Corporal Ellis. No real qualities to speak of. But a loyal soldier doing his job.
    3. Corporal Brock. Like Ellis, no real traits as such.
    4. Staff Sargent Forbes, born leader, charismatic. He’s the one others will look up to.
    5. Dexton Kregar. A freelance assassin. Experienced sniper and no friend of the Military Police. Someone who can quickly adapt to the changing battlefield.

    The enemy squad

    1. Giant Bug, strong in melee if it gets close. Will lose initiative to relevant opponent traits.

    2. Xenomorph one. No real traits. Strong melee but weaker then the bug.

    3.  Xenomorph two.

    4.  Xenomorph three.

    5. PHR Soldier. Active power system. Hypersealth tech.

    Chapter mission: Keep these guys alive. Find the PHR threat and eliminate it if possible. Or just escape the region. Who knows what will happen??????

    So there it is, hopefully you’ll have an idea what’s happening and that I’ve set up the game ok. We will deal with Kergar’s situation first, then Forbes and Brock and then Ellis and Whittemore. So by all means get thinking what these guys are going to do.

    To be continued………

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    The guys in the office should barricade the door more and go in the tunnel. Smartest decision.  Especially with a non combatant.

    The two RMPs should lob a grenade and run for the APC.



    I didn’t expect the enemies to be bugs, a nice surprise.



    Yeah, I just love throwing all sorts together and seeing  what happens.

    Ok, he we go. I’ve ran a few dummy runs first to see how well it balanced out. Since all this is “make it up as you go along, sort of thing”.

    I think  barricading the door was the best move. In the test runs it really slowed down the Xeno. 70% saw the guys make it through the tunnel and  30% saw the Xeno catch up with them in the tunnel with varing results. The die roll for the Xeno to break down the door was going to be 1-2 nothing, 3-4 door weakens and 5-6 door collapses. With it being barricaded I changed to to 1-3 nothing, 4-5 weakens, 6 collapses.

    As for Forbes and Brock, I tested to see how it worked out of them. Forbes being a Hero made a big difference to the dice rolls. 50% of the trial runs saw the Bug survive and close the gap. 20% saw the Bug go down and 30% saw the Red Caps pinned or killed.

    So here we go, let’s roll some die and continue the story……drum roll please.

    Their fate is……..



    Alexander Wasberg

    Very nice to see the return of your adventures Greg 🙂

    Things got really interesting quickly, that’s certain!


    great storytelling!  I can’t wait for the next chapter.



    Thanks folks, it’s certainly interesting how a RPG can take shape. Anyway, here’s the lastest.

    Ellis loads a fresh magazine has he backs away from the office door.  Just as there’s a loud thud. “It’s breaking down the door. We need to call for help.” he shrieks. “No….there’s no time. Help me with this desk” Says Whittlemore. Both men start heaving the heavy oak desk across the room and jam it up against the door. “That should hold it for a while. Quick, help me with this” Says Whittemore.

    He throws back a cover and exposes a small entrance to an underground tunnel. Then another bang, the door seems to be holding. Without further delay both men enter the dark tunnel with Ellis guarding the rear. Progress was slow and Ellis was worried that the creature would catch up. Ellis heard the door break and feared the worse. But his concern was unfounded, the Xenomorph had only buckled the door and gave up.  Soon they found themselves at a steel door to a small lobby. Whittemore fumbled with the lock while Ellis stared hard down his touch light. Looking to see if anything is following them in the tunnel. Soon Whittemore had the door open and both men wasted no time in stepping out into the dog kennel compound. Slamming and securing the steel door behind them.

    Meanwhile….. Forbes and Brock were in trouble. Both staring at the sight of a colossal, meaning looking bug. Forbes wastes no time in telling Brock to run to the APC. He fumbles around in his webbing and pulls out a grenade. He primes it and aims between the bugs legs. Throws it and then runs towards the APC, overtaking Brock in the process.

    Unfortunately for him the bug moves and the grenade bounces off one of its legs and explodes harmlessly in a random direction. The bang spurs on the bug which catches up with Brock. It bits down with his huge lock jaw, jamming Brock’s rifle in its jaw. Brock, although unhurt was now hopelessly pinned. Forbes tries again, he pulls a grenade out of his webbing and aims at the rear of the Bug. Hoping that the blast is caught by the bug and that its body shields Brock from the explosion. He aims and throws, but again the grenade misses the impact area as it bounces off the body of the bug. Forbes looks in horror as it flies back towards him!

    He dives to the floor and presses him into the ground as he is covered in debris from the blast. Now out of options, he picks himself up and enters the APC. Brock, despite his plight manages to get hold of a grenade. Unfortunately for him being shaken around causes him to fumble the grenade and it falls, harmlessly to the ground, still unprimed.

    Right, not great for Brock and Forbes, the grenades haven’t proved reliable. Brock is still pinned and at high risk of being killed. Forbes on the other hand is in the APC, which is good. Plus, Ellis and Whittemore have made it safely and are now in the compound. The Xenomorphs are no where to be seen, for now. They see the trouble Brock is in with the Bug. They might be able to help. Let’s not forget our “Da Masta Snipa” on top of the transmitter tower. He could help, if he wants to that is. Heres the next round of options. Ones I can think of anyway. Feel free to reply with your own ideas and I’ll see if I can put it in. But either way Brock needs help and that Bug needs to go down.

    Forbes in the APC, which as it happens carries supplies. Medical packs, heavy weapons, comms equipment etc….

    1. Search the APC, might be something Forbes can use to kill the Bug.
    2. Maybe use the APC itself.
    3. Something else.

    Brock, being pinned is going to limit his options.

    1.Carry on and try another grenade.
    2.Something else.

    Whittemore and Ellis are in the compound. Not a lot Whittemore can do. But Ellis can try a use his grenades. Although grenade lobbing so far hasn’t been particularly effective.

    Let’s not forget Kergar on the tower. He can shoot the bug, but he also could expose his position to the PHR soldier. Who is still out there somewhere and cloaked. However, Kergar can try and locate this threat with his scope.

    Some of Kergar’s options.

    1. Shoot the Bug and help Brock. But why? He owns them nothing.
    2. Carry on and search for the PHR soldier. After all that’s the bigger threat to him.
    3. Or, there is a chance to complete his mission. His target is now in the dog kennel compound. He could then get paid.
    4. Doing nothing is viable. See how things pan out.

    To be continued……..


    Alexander Wasberg

    Another exiting piece!

    I guess that Forbes could try and crush the bug with the apc.. Brock should probably try getting into the apc rather than trying to blow himself up a 3rd time:)

    I don’t really see why the sniper wouldn’t keep looking for the PHR soldier, doesn’t matter if he finishes his mission only to be taken down by the alien a moment later. Or so I’d think..



    Sorry for the delay, been rather distracted with birthdays, work and England getting through to the semi finals of the World Cup. So haven’t had a lot of time. Anyway let’s continue…….

    Yeah the grenades haven’t been to reliable. I think the APC; Alex is a good choice. Thinking about, Forbes will have the initiative by using his charismatic leadership trait. Unfortunately, Brock being too far away and pinned by the bug doesn’t benefit from this. The APC would impact, nothing can really prevent Forbes ramming the vehicle into the bug. The question is what the result is going to be. So I’ve decided on the following on a single 6d roll. 1-2, Brock is killed and bug is pinned. 3-4 Brock is freed and bug is pinned. 5-6 Brock freed and bug is killed. So here we go………….Continuation of the story based on the die roll will follow soon.

    Forbes jumps in the seat of the APC and hits the start button. The engine roars into life and Forbes hits the accelerator and aims for the bug. Brock who was still jammed in the bug’s huge lock jaw. Was being swung around and as the APC hit.  Brock was violently thrown into the air and hitting the ground hard, suffering critical injuries. The bug collapses under the impact, stunned and having one of its legs pinned by the APC.

    Ellis and Whittemore, who were witnessing all this after emerging from the tunnel entrance came running over. Forbes quickly exited the APC and looked at Ellis and Whittemore with uncertainty. Unsure where the two had come from. It was clear that Brock was in bad shape, he wasn’t moving but there was no time in assessing his injuries. The bug was coming around, and it wouldn’t take much to break free.

    “Quick, help me get him into the APC” Says Forbes “We need to get him to the infirmary. And where the hell is the rest of the garrison” he barks.

    “The infirmary is gone and so is anyone else, we’ve been overrun by unknown creatures” Says Ellis.

    All three quickly get Brock into the APC and Forbes slams it into reverse. Exiting the compound and then stopping. They watch the bug start to get back up on the vehicle’s monitors. Ellis makes a sideways glance at the heavy weapon stowage and Forbes’s left foot hovers above the accelerator pedal.

    “He’s not good, he needs a mediEvac. We can get to the transmitter tower and get some help out here. The RDF at Anvils Gate will help”. Says Whittemore. Looking at Forbes for an answer. Despite the fact that he’s the region’s minister. All security decisions are made by the senior most RMP. Forbes is next in line.

    Meanwhile………Dexton Kregar watches with limited interest from his vantage point. He decides to carry on and search for this mysterious contact. He adjusts the bandwidth on his scope and tries again. This time he gets lucky, there….as clear as day, about 50 meters from the compound is his target.

    “I don’t believe you’re on the guess list mate” Says Kregar to himself.

    So, things are getting very interesting…….Kregar has found his target. Brock is in a critical way, not dead yet but out of the game. The bug is still going though but at least Ellis and Whittemore have made it. All teams members have a running APC. So that influences the game. The next set of decisions which I can think of.

    The APC crew….

    1. Forbes can hit the accelerator and try crushing the bug again.
    2. Dismount and crack out the APC’s heavy weapons. Maybe finish the bug that way.
    3. Get to the transmitter tower and raise some help. Brock needs a mediEvac if he’s to survive.
    4. Other option?

    What about our sniper? Kergar has what he’s been looking for; the PHR soldier. Definitely makes sense too shoot, I think.

    I shall leave you to chew over the options while I think about the possible outcomes.

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    Alexander Wasberg

    Thanks for another interesting bit of action!

    As for the crew, the bug seems hardy, so I’d say 2 or 3..

    The sniper should definitely take the shot, that’s just what he’s been waiting for!



    Now this bit is interesting, from the POV of the GM.

    We have the APC crew, now Forbes has Charismatic Leader as a trait so he will win any initiative over the bug. Who is still a threat. Also, Ellis would have briefed Forbes on the Xeno threat. I’m having to condense a lot of the story by keeping it short. I want to focus more on how  Starport Scum works. So I’m keeping the story telling to a minimum. Forbes knowing the threat which the Xeno and bug pose and having a critical casualty. Would probably mean he would pull back to the transmitter tower and get help.

    Now, the PHR soldier is up to something too. He’s going to attack and will aim to disable the APC, to prevent them escaping. But, he doesn’t know about sniper. So, I think an initiative roll between the APC crew, Kregar and the PHR solider needs to be made. With the bug going last. Since who goes first is going to influence the game.

    I have yet to build the PHR solider yet. But I’m thinking about giving them a pool of dice which can be used for offense and defense.



    Kergar makes a few quick calculations with his scope. He sights his rail gun and squeezes the electric trigger. Two lighting fast rapid shots spit out from the muzzle.

    The PHR solider, gets ready to disengage his cloak. He increases the power output to his weapon and sights in the APC. Not enough to destroy the vehicle but enough to disable it. Which is all he needs to prevent them from escaping. The bug can then finish them off. He will then have enough power to re-engage his hyperstealth cloak. But before he could react any further. Two ultra high velocity shots find their mark. The projectiles penetrate his suit with ease and the PHR solider goes down!

    Kregar’s victory was short lived. His Hypersteath cloak is now offline, he can be seen. Not only does he see the APC coming in his direction! His proximity alarm alerts him that something is moving around the base of the tower! He’s been spotted by the Xenomorphs and they are coming. One Xeno stops and turns its head towards the approaching APC. Making a high screeching noise to alert the other two.

    As the vehicle gets closer, Ellis points at one of the monitors.

    “Who is that on the top?” He says

    “More importantly, what’s that” replies Forbes, pointing a fat finger at the image of the Xenomorphs.

    “It’s those dam creatures again” Says Minster Whittemore.

    “What do we do Staff?” Asks Ellis.

    Right the last bit of part one of this Starport Scum campaign. What now? Any ideas?

    The APC crew could break out the heavy weapons and attack the Xenos. However Whittemore is a non combatant so any firing from him will be at a negative. Also the heavy weapons are AT rockets, could be more then enough to blow up the creatures. But also could bring down the tower. Kregar could shoot his rifle, maybe use a grenade? But we know how unpredictable the use of explosives in the world of Starport Scum can be.


    Alexander Wasberg

    It’s a tricky situation, I wonder how they get out of this!

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