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    Nathaniel Weber

    I played my first mission of Gale Force Nine’s Aliens boardgame Another Glorious Day in the Corps. Here’s a short review. Tl;dr: It’s a fun game that evokes the action, stress, and dread of the movie, with plenty of player decisions throughout; on the downside, the rules are laid out poorly, especially the rules regarding how the Endurance deck works.

    Some pictures:

    I have the base game and two main expansions and am playing through the base game missions first. In the first mission, you’re searching for Newt, which xenomorphs make more difficult.  The mission started out well for me, ran into some complications after I found Newt, got better again, and then was a very near run thing as my characters made a run for the exit. For two turns, I thought I was absolutely screwed, with bugs coming out of the ductwork and resources running out—then, miraculously, everything lined up, the Marines blasted their way through, and we won the first mission with the whole squad surviving!

    High and low points of the game:

    Hicks missed 6 or 7 shots in a row—my dice consistently turned against me every time I rolled for my favorite character in all of science fiction;

    Frost was the MVP, obliterating several troublesome bug concentrations with his incinerator;

    Ripley’s an all around badass; her high movement rate is especially useful;

    Every time I activated Vazquez, I yelled, “Let’s rock!”;

    Newt’s resting skill is very useful;

    Gorman…well, Gorman tries.

    As for the quality of the game, I love the components (cards, miniatures, etc.). The game plays fast once you get the hang of it, with lots of player decisions (what order to activate in; what actions to take; where to move, where to shoot; etc.) Line of sight is delicate and thus rewards good formations for the Marines; leaving lines of fire open is critical, and putting together a good defensive firing line will help keep characters alive.

    The bugs are scary enemies, moving fast and hitting hard, and they mass quickly thanks to the spawning rules. Something I dig in the rules is that if the Marines are in good formation and have the resources, they can open up and lay waste to a lot of bugs at once…but if they’re out of position/short on resources,  things get ugly in a hurry.

    Taken together, the game is quite thematic—it feels claustrophobic and tense, with dangers around every corner and, at many times, the squad feels on the verge of annihilation. I had a ton of fun playing and am looking forward to working my way through the rest of the content of the base game and then the expansions.

    The downside is, as is so common in gaming (more so nowadays? Maybe it was always like this?) is that the rules are badly organized and missing some key clarifications. The rules for cards—revealing, drawing, hands of cards, the endurance deck, shuffling, what happens to your hand of cards after a campaign mission is over—are especially disjointed. After play I think I got it all figured out, but I don’t understand how a well produced game gets out of the warehouse without better proofreading. The best I can think of, from the perspective of someone who has written large, complicated things, is that the proofreaders were too close to the game design, and thus didn’t realize they were overlooking vague things because they’d been onboard for so long. At some point the rules should have been handed to someone completely unfamiliar with the game and asked, “Hey, please break this.”

    Anyways, I dug the game and am excited to play more. I have mission 2 set up. Considering I bought it for the minis alone, I am pleased a fun game was in there too.


    Just Jack

    That’s fantastic, Nate, thanks a bunch for the rundown!

    Hicks is my favorite, too, but for overall sci-fi it’s a tossup between Hicks and… Kyle Reese 😉




    Hudson ftw

    Just Jack

    Seventeen days?  Seventeen days?  We’re not gonna last seventeen hours!  Game over man!

    Get yer @#$% together, Hudson!  This little girl lasted two weeks, with no weapons and no training!

    Well @#$%in’ A man, put her in @#$%in’ charge!

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