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    First off, a few things I notices in the most up to date version.
    Contents page – page 56 is not aligned.

    The part introducing the 4 types of characters says Goons are capped at 2D6, a few pages later with squads, says its teh only way for goond to roll 3D6. A few more pages later in the Unload (supressive shooting) it says its’t eh only way to give Goons +1D6. I think it should mention in the intro that Goons can have upt to 4D6 if Unloading as a squad.

    Weapons tag – says above the table, “one of three catergory” but there’s only 2 types of tags mentioned.

    Main post
    In an attempt to hack together the one rule to play them all, I’m revisiting Starport Scum again and trying to insert 5Core shooting mechanics (Shock and Kill dice) into the game. I prefer the way affects are given directly by the roles in 5Core without looking up tables, especially moral wise, but I prefer the simplicity of character stats in Starport/Dungeon Scum/Blades&Lockpick.

    I want to use the basic Shock and Kill dice for every role maybe even the none combat stuff. I’m thinking since all combat rolls starts at 2D6 it could be 1S & 1K with ever additional dice being Shock dice. I think armor and cover will take dice off with Kill dice being the last taken out and minimum being 1 Shock dice. For non combat, 1 could be a minor success and 6 a major success. Not sure about fumble, while I like it I don’t want to look up a table and make another roll. Maybe when rolling a double that’s not a 1 or 6 is a fumble and either enemy get 1D6 attack if in sight or roll a Hazard roll (more below)?

    Other things I want to port over is the 5Core 2nd ed Quick, Slow action. This is straigh forward using number of base dice as the Agility rating. I haven’t looked at the campaign system yet and I like elements from both the sci-fi systems, but the one in 5 Leagues is supperior for a nomadic/travelling type crew, moving from one region to the next lookng for work.

    The things I don’t like about both rules are the way to resolve misc activities. The rolls are specific for each special actions and for me at least too much to remember and look up. I prefer the Hazard/Delay/Skill roll from Warstory. They are differnt enough to cover almost everything, effects are also diferent enough and not too much to remember. For Delay rolls I use 4+, just to differentiae it from Skill roll and the penalty isn’t that serious. Bruiser and Ace, for me these two are too similar in play and could be combined if there will be a future edition of Starport/Dungeon Scum.

    Just an idea and not sure if other will be interested but “5 Parsec Scums” as a possible offical combination of the two rules? Although it is a step back from current 5Core shooting mechanics.

    Any suggestions?

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