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    New to the War of 1812 period but long time interest. Does anyone make Royal Marine rocket sections in 25mms?  Or, what do you used for rockets during the Niagara 1814 campaign or at Bladensburg?

    Thank you!

    Kaptain Kobold

    And whilst we’re on the subject, in general rules terms how should they differ from artillery in their effect?


    I think I read somewhere the psychological effect was greater on the enemy.
    I used them, thought that was in 6mm and only because an episode of Sharpe had them and in 6mm they cost me less than a quid.
    Were they lighter and easier to transport?
    I suspect they never took off (ha ah aahha a oh erh cough ahem) as they were not as effective as cannon?


    I am experimenting with rockets for my fledgling war of 1812 games.  I view them more of a morale cause then destructive artillery damage.  Also I want a feeling of never knowing where they will go and what they will do type of thing.


    So roll two d6.  On a 12 they hit the target, cause two morale hits and a casualty.  On a 2 they explode on launcher destroy base.  Other rolls will send emoticon various directions and leave morale markers ( on friend and foe alike) type thing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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