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    Hi all,

    More additions to my WW2 Desert vehicles with these lovely Perry Miniatures Rolls Royce Armoured Cars which will grace the table in our next Op Compass Campaign Game.

    I’ve taken the opportunity with these early war British to try out AK Interactive Caunter Paints set, plenty of discussion re this on the blog page.

    Perry’s stuff as always is a pleasure to work with. Going to try some German Armour next, load the RAL8000 !

    Regards Ken
    The Yarkshire Gamer



    Wonderful work always liked the Caunter camo scheme.


    Superb! Thanks for sharing.


    Darkest Star Games

    One of those camo schemes that I think doesn’t get enough love as it is really eye catching.  Wish they never did away with it for “plain old sand”.   Really nice looking model!

    I have been loving the Ammo By Mig paints (as well as teh AK Inter paints) and have taken to using their modulation sets for my gaming tanks.  Even carried over the technique into sci-fi using both Citadel/GW Air and (with even better results) Reaper paints.  Reaper paints have great range so it is easy to do triads or even quintets.  Highly recommended if you need to work outside of the realistic schemes.

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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