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    Some time ago I decided to take my Roman Legion into the fantasy world partly inspired by the Naran armies of LotB https://leadadventureforum.com/index.php?topic=134976.msg1713905#msg1713905 and

    After looking for suitable figures I Chose the Oathmark Dwarf Infantry because they are wearing mail armour. Unfortunately I did not realise that they are huge! This shows a comparison with a Warlord Legionary and Auxiliary.

    The conversion is relatively simple – Warlord Roman Auxiliary heads substituted, Milliput beards added and my brother donated Republican Roman shields. After converting several I realised that the beards on certain poses were invisible behind the shields. Ah well I know that they are there…

    Background – I have started “back dating our Morval Earth set up to the ancient world from the Middle Ages. http://www.morvalearth.co.uk/me_brief_history.htm

    Auxilia Cohort I Nanum Varadhorum (First Auxiliary Cohort of Varadh Dwarves)

    Raised from the Nani (dwarves) who settled in the province of Varadh centuries ago after a great war in which their homeland was devastated and captured by the Chaotics. The men of Varadh had been levied almost to a man and few had returned after the army was massacred in that same war. Thus, unusually, the male dwarves and female humans interbred resulting in a hybrid race that has look of dwarves but is taller than the true dwarves. As a client of the empire they serve under their own officers, speak their own language, worship their own Maghi (gods). Although taller, these half-dwarves are not a distinct race. Biologically, half-dwarves are almost indistinguishable from dwarves. They are often called “Chunkies” by other soldiers (out of their hearing of course). In polite company they are “Diminani” (Half-dwarves). They are renowned steadfast heavy spearmen.

    Avatar photoMike

    They are quite big, nice fix though.
    Interesting background too.

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