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    Guy Farrish

    In between occupying my son and friends, trying to talk Philosophy with my daughter (home from Uni) and preparing/cooking endless meals for the family, I managed to play (solo) a game resulting from a back of a postcard campaign I have been tinkering with, based (very loosely) around Roman intrusion into local Silures territory.

    After a few skirmishes and seizing crossings across the Wye and Usk the Romans have been getting a distinctly unwelcome reception in the hillsides recently.

    When a bigger force of Silures cut the route from Glevum to the Isca camp, somewhere around Penhow (not far from Caerwent if you have been following Carojon’s Three Castles Walks here) the Romans sent a large force to clear them off and show them who they were dealing with.

    Battle of Penhow

    There were rather more than the Romans expected, but things were looking good at the point below: some auxiliaries, on foot unit and one cavalry unit holding back half the British at the river.

    How it turned out you can see on my Wiki, here:

    Corrigenda: Romans v Silures


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