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    Sane Max

    I found a rather nice blog about making roads out of Roofing Shingles


    It was very timely as we were just saying we need some modern roads for the club, and lo, Wickes sell them!

    The process could not be simpler – buy tiles – cut out shapes. Done. They come in the right colour and need no painting, just backing with something to stop the mineralised element shedding. The blog also has how to add white lines, but ours are gonna be generic so I am leaving the white lines off, which changes it from a fiddly task to the proverbial piece of cake!

    My only query….. most roads, rivers, look odd if they have no ‘edge’ but if I edge them with flock they become, by definition, non-inner city roads, OK for the countyside but nt for in town. Any suggestions for an edging that will look ok for the europe and the UK anytime from the introduction of tarmac to the present day. Perhaps very straight ‘grit’ edging?

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    Great find! I would be inclined to edge them with flock, but that would look weird in an urban setting. Maybe use thinner strips, slightly raised as pavements along the edges?

    Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/stormofsteelwargaming

    Blog: http://www.stormofsteelwargaming.com


    What about a kerb, just some grey paint along the edge?

    Sane Max

    OK, the wickes tiles arrived yesterday and I have used 4 of them to make 40 feet of road, most for the club the rest for me.


    the image you see there is of the front of the tile – it’s the backside that looks very roadlike.

    As we decided to leave the white lines off they looked very plain, so I edged them simply by using a very thin line of the base grit mix I use when doing figures with textured bases*. Not perfect but much better than just plain.

    I am not going to bother taking pics for here, there is not much to say you can’t see on that blog – they look fine, very road-like.

    Comments –
    – I only used a quarter of the pack to make a lot of road. If you live in Leeds and want some, let me know!
    – the ‘front’ of the tiles is textured with black grit. It sheds a lot, make them in the garage not on a carpet!
    – the ‘front’ side would make pretty good SF roads, or roads for larger figures.
    – The tiles are basically bitumenised Glass fibre. I am a bit sensitive to glas fibre, and had a few itches after making the roads. If you are VERY sensitive to glass fibre, I would strongly recommend using gloves and wearing a long-sleeve shirt, and not going for a wee while you are making them ! Once made the amount of handling will be very small, so don’t think there will be a problem.
    – the material just needs scoring deeply and then it snaps along the score lines, making them is a doddle, except for curves which i cut using household scissors. The other side of that is that if you make the roads very narrow, or very long, I would expect it would be quite easy to snap them. Mine are 2.5 inches wide and in 6, 9 and 12 inch lengths, I think they will be very robust.
    – re the shedding grit – I may decide to back them with felt or newspaper using PVA glue, but the shedding was only really pronounced getting them out of the pack, cutting and working them, so unless it becomes a problem I will not.

    * which is basically made up over the years of a handful of any old grit I come across when out and about thrown into a big tub.

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    Usually siding comes in the form of vinyl, aluminimum etc. Just like you implemented the idea of roof shingles this too might work. Check for their installation at http://www.royalyorkroofing.ca/services/other-services/siding/. These days commercial roofing company suggests aluminium for newer homes. Steel is also a good option. These sidings strengthen the roofing. Do update on your status .Else if got any interesting solutiion for siding do post it. Best wishes

    tony albott

    Is there any way to remove asphalt shingles on your own and install metal Roofing to that.I am looking for a DIY method to do that.


    So we are now getting roofing spam! 🙂


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