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    Angel Barracks

    We played a refresher game of KR 16 last night and tested the campaign rules out.
    At first glance they seem OK.

    Here are the very rough rules we are using.

    In scenarios a Major Victory gets you 100 VP.
    A minor victory gets you 50 VP.

    Taking out an infantry figure gets you 5 VP.
    Taking out a vehicle (immobilising and making it unable to fire) gets you 20 VP.

    You use VP as points to buy new troops.

    So Steve got about 170 VP last night (he kicked my ass) and this was enough to replace his troops and have a few points left over.
    I got about 70 VP and this was enough to almost replace half my losses.

    To repair vehicles that are not totally blown to bits we decided that it will cost half its full points.
    So a Pathmaster Ranger (70pts) will cost 35 VP to repair.

    Are dead figures dead?

    1-3 = yes, they are dead dead.
    4-5 = no, they are fit to fight in the next game.
    6 = no, but they must sit the next game out whilst they recover.

    Ideas around the location, we did not test this bit out.

    There are 3 locations you can fight on.

    This effects VP and reinforcements.
    The idea being that if you fight at home you get 20% less VP but you can call on reinforcements from your troops and they arrive in d6 turns.
    If you fight on neutral ground there is no VP modifier and reinforcements take d6 + 2 turns to arrive.
    If you fight away then you get +20% VP but reinforcements take d6 + 4 turns to arrive.

    You can’t call on more reinforcements than is in your army.

    Upgrading troops.

    To upgrade a trooper to the next level costs the required points, but also they must have been in a number of games to be allowed to upgrade.

    So a rook is 3pts basic 2 games
    A grunt is 7pts basic 5 games
    An elite is 10pts basic 10 games
    A guard is 14pts basic

    So to upgrade a rook to a grunt takes 4 points (7-3) and they must have been in 2 games.
    A grunt to elite costs 3 (10-7) points and they must have been in 5 games.
    An elite to a guard costs 4 (14-10) points and they must have been in 10 games.

    So a rook to elite as an example:

    4 points to grunt, 3 points to elite, 4 points to guard: 11 points.
    2 games to grunt, 5 games to elite, 10 games to guard: 17 games.

    That is where we are so far, once these have been tested a bit more I will tidy them up and put them on the website.

    Ivan Sorensen

    Looks good at a glance.

    I am assuming you track each troopers progression on a sheet or something?

    Do people actually survive that many games?


    One option might be to select a couple of “MVP’s” each battle that get additional experience if they did something cool. An MVP might reduce the “number of battles” count by 1 or 2.

    Nordic Weasel Games

    Angel Barracks

    Do people actually survive that many games?

    NO idea, we start trying it out on Monday.
    Depends how carefully you look after them I guess.
    If you get all gung ho with them probably not, but if you give them sensible orders and have a medic hanging around then maybe.
    I think once you get Elite quality troops you will take more risks as they are better but fingers crossed they will send the enemy packing without too many losses.

    The cool award is an idea…

    Ivan Sorensen

    Campaigns tend to create interesting situations because you have to balance winning with keeping your men and women alive. 🙂

    Nordic Weasel Games

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