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    Avatar photoDaniele V

    I am thinking about wargames with Maya, Aztec, Incas  (etc) ; not really about Conquistadores, but something like fighting between city states, etc… I am for simple rules and I know about DBA, but I am not too much for this system (used to play a lot it in the past, anyway). What other generic rules (ancient/medieval/renaissance) would you advice, or do specific rules exist for this?



    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Are you looking at a skirmish style game or a larger number of troops? For skirmish you could look at Songs of Blades or even En Garde but I doubt these would evoke the feeling of different troop types.

    I’ve seen Tribal used for Aztec games but that may have too few figures for your liking.

    If you are OK with the Lion Rampant style of generic troop classes and the risk that no troops move during your turn then Quetzalcotal Rampant may do you well. These should scale to around 100 – 120 figures a side.

    If you want to introduce a ‘fantasy’ element the maybe OGAM from Osprey or Warlord Mythic Americas may be up your street?

    Wayback Machine has an early copy of the Wargamers Guide but that’s more troops than rules and the version of The Sword and the Flame called The Sword, Cross and Gold includes the invaders but may work.

    Avatar photoian pillay

    Simple – one hour wargames?

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    Avatar photoPunkrabbitt

    If you can find it, Dragon #25 has an Aztec wargame called “Xochiyaoyotl” starting on page 37. I’ve never been inclined to build forces that big for Aztec wargaming, but it seems like a reasonable, old-school crunchy wargame.

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    Avatar photoOB

    Try this one as you know DBA.




    Avatar photoBowman Stringer

    The problem with Aztec warfare is that Aztecs didn’t organize themselves as European armies did. So a rule set like Quetzalcoatl Rampant has to represent units of Eagle Warriors, units of Otomitl, units of low capture warriors, units of macehualtin skirmishers, etc. Problem is, Aztecs never fought like that. All their units were made up of a mix of every type of warrior, from the highest veteran “suit wearer” to the lowliest green youth. To maintain an “Esprit de Corps”, all the combatants within a combat unit came from the same calpulli, or barrio of the city/town. Mayan armies and Inca armies are different again.

    Avatar photoMark Morin

    Try Feudal Patrol with the Civilizations Collide supplement from Sally4th

    Mark A. Morin

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