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    Avatar photoDaniele V

    What rules do you advice for Hoplite warfare (Peloponnesian War)?

    I am thinking about 1/72 miniatures, multi based, on a relatively small table (90×90 cm or 3’x3′).

    I was thinking about DBA, but is there an alternative, more specific, and a little more visually appealing?

    Thank you


    Avatar photonigel Tullett

    We use Phil Sabin’s Legion 2, it’s hex based but in our view cannot be beaten for historical refights, very simple but reflects hoplite v Hoplite in the most playable and tense way.

    Avatar photobobm

    Try Spartans to Successors from Trebian (Graham Evans).  Cheap and fun.  Designed to be an alternative to DBA using the same size table and armies.

    They’re easy to learn, quick to play and easy to add house rules for flavour.

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    Avatar photoGeneral Slade

    I haven’t played them but the Perfect Captain website offers a set of rules designed specifically for hoplite warfare: http://perfectcaptain.50megs.com/hoplomachia.html

    Avatar photoNot Connard Sage

    Well there’s Men of Bronze. If you like Osprey rules.


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    Hoplomachia is probably the best, but also most difficult to get into. I would also try To The Strongest, as the gridded table (easy to make invisible via terrain) can give you a lot of space for playing , even in small table

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