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    Anyone have any knowledge to share as to which grenadier regiments had silver vs gold / brass plates on their mitre caps? I have seen examples of each but do not know of a listing or criteria.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Jonathan Gingerich

    The plate matched the buttons – tin or brass under Paul I – then always brass under Alexander I.  It’s all listed in Viskovatov vol 7, which Mark Conrad has translated.  You can also use my cheatsheet – zaotlichiye.net63.net/allfacings.html – although at the moment Google is “not being evil” all over 000webhost, so you may have to wait.

    General Slade

    Jonathan’s webpage really is a wonderful resource if you are attempting to paint Russians. I used to find the subject almost totally impenetrable but with his well-laid out charts I now find it much less daunting.

    Jonathan, I hope you don’t mind but I have added a hot link direct to your page: Russian Facings of the Napoleonic Era

    Bandit, the details you are looking for are in the first table. The colour for buttons and mitre plates is shown in the first column on the left as the background colour to the names of the regiments.


    Well… To add to the answer, from what I understand, from the SYW on, there was a great deal of copper in the brass, so the brass plates had a darker, copper look to them than the standard brass. [Russia had an abundance of copper ore as opposed to zinc, which is one reason they chose green uniforms… and green gun carriages from what I’ve read. Saved as much zinc as possible for the brass gun tubes.


    Thanks to all three of you. Especially Jonathan, I had found your page but did not quite realize how to read it so thanks to General Slade for the clarification on that. And Bill for the interesting trivia because that’s what this all is when it comes down to it and I think that is generally cool.

    So thanks again gentlemen.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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