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    Hi all

    About two months ago I played Sabre Squadron game and here is the battle report, which I have added it to  my site. It was a while after the game that I wrote report so the details are a little hazy and as the game got more exciting I forgot to take pictures.

    It was a not so classic encounter of Soviet Naval infantry defending vs South African Mechanised forces. A very good game and our first attempt at an Attack-defence game, which went very smoothly. All the figures are 6mm of course

    The link is here http://6mm.wargaming.info/page403.shtml

    and some photos of the game.

    I have almost finished another battle report of a more recent game and I just need to edit the photos so that should be in the next week or two.


    Angel Barracks

    Your games are so pretty.


    Thanks a lot

    I’ve just finished basing 300+ trees along with 12 hills and I think the next report has a better looking table  I think. You need a bit of terrain for this otherwise it is a shooting gallery.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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