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    Avatar photoDaniele V

    We played a Salamis scenario with our ultra-fast rules for trireme battles “Salamini”, available on Wargame Vault.

    Greek Trireme are 1/1200 3D printed models from a free stl file (author Captain Ahab on Thingiverse), while ee used card triremes for the Persian fleet (from Juniorgeneral.org) and they did not look so bad!

    Greek victory… and we had fun.



    Good show!

    Avatar photoMr. Average

    When I was studying Classics we had a lame joke about the Persian Wars being a Marathon to put Salamis on the Greeks’ Platea… yes, we were dorks an we knew it.

    This looks like a terrific game, though! And you’re right it looked terrific! With the Persians outnumbering the Greeks 4:1, your solution seems like a good one.

    Avatar photoDaniele V

    Ahaha nice joke. We made 2:1 for the Persians (according to modern estimations) but with a sensible advantage for the Greeks in ramming and boarding, to compensate.

    Avatar photoMike

    It seems this has already been posted. So I have locked this topic but left the other one as is.


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