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    Iain Fuller

    A quick post from the blog about my day at Salute – both working and ‘puntering’.

    Salute again!




    Cheers for the photo’s Iain, sadly I have not made it to Salute for many a year.  Its nice to see the really big shows.

    Ps an excellent web site of yours, a most enjoyable place to visit.


    I’ve just started podcasting, and in typically over-ambitious wargaming style have followed up my first 4 “video & audio battle reports with added curry review” podcasts with a “live field recording” from the pub next to the ExCeL centre with a guest panel of 4 of my clubmates.

    Titled “Whats in the Bag?”, this podcast allows you to listen to half a dozen beery blokes getting over excited about how much lead (& mdf) they have just bought – so a normal night out with your gaming buddies really, apart from the fact that you probably won’t know these ones.

    Apologies in advance for the audio quality, rubbish banter, and (I think) the odd swear-word, but other than that please enjoy what I believe is the first Salute! 2016 post-event podcast …

    ”What’s in the Bag? The Madaxeman.com Salute 2016 Podcast”

    You can:
    - see more of this rubbish at www.madaxeman.com
    - Listen to the Madaxeman Podcast on any Podcast platform
    - Follow Madaxeman on Twitter @Madaxeman

    Iain Fuller

    Cheers William, much appreciated!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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