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    Some information about Sam Mustafa’s forthcoming operational WW2 “Rommel” game here: http://www.sammustafa.com/honour/2017/01/honor-podcast-9-rommel/ for divisional plus level games.



    A WWII operational game by Sam Mustafa?

    Oh, Sam. Talk dirty to me you little minx! 😀

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!



    In anticipation of the upcoming release I’ve been painting forces based on the information on Sam’s web site.

    The attached picture shows my basing technique. Figures are based on a 60 x 30mm wooden base with an attached magnetic strip. These are then placed on a 60 x 40mm metal movement tray. The unit information is tacked to a 10 x 60mm magnetic base and then is placed at the rear of the unit in the case of infantry or along the side for armor.  This way I can print out, re-tack and switch out unit information easily. The picture shows my prototype basing technique – I still need to work on the unit information design.

    The flanged metal bases and 10 x 60 magnetic bases are from Shogun Miniatures. The miniatures are from Pendraken.

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