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    Don’t know if this is the right spot but I have a wild mix of 6 mm sci fi troops. They range from general troopers to guys in power armour. I also have tons of micro armour infantry mostly WWII to ultra modern but with a smattering of earlier types which all can be pressed into service either as local militia up to low to medium tech troops. With the exception of some bought for specific post apocalyptic troops most are in uniforms suitable for their intended use as originally sold. For example WWII Germans in field grey with some in late war Fallschirmjager multi colour and a mix of “hypothetical” camo schemes I did manage to match up to real period examples. I have lots of troops (some with shorts) in various desert uniforms a few late war allied European theatre types in khaki and olive and gangs of Soviets etc. in suitable uniforms. I have some WWII UK paras in Denison smocks who could easily pass for your Wild Geese in later periods. I have also collected both sides for Soviet Afghan war (many different units of Soviets), South Africans who will work for many African countries and a bunch of cold war US some in temperate multi colour and Desert multi colour. In other words other than specific weapons and no armour these troops possess the characteristics of the bulk of any forces.

    So my mental road block is how to paint the truly sci fi guys? Back in the day I did some 15 mm Traveller troops in two different multi colour camo schemes. One was different shades of red, orange and yellow as sort of heat signature camo and another in shades of grey, sort of lower contrast “Berlin Brigade” colours intended as ship board troops. I am more of a hard science enthusiast so all those 40Kish Crap schemes turn me right off. Same might go for an all black or very dark grey but curious what others have done. Especially if you have pictures. Thank you all in advance.


    Basically whatever you like.   For my 6mm guys I have one group in a light blue, another in pink that my daughter wanted for the Pantharii Imperium (and yes they are the pink Panthari), a third in NATO three color and a fourth in mottled green and yellow.   My 28mm guys are even more varied and in some cases more colorful.


    So, I wondered this until I realised the purpose of my troops.
    My 6mm sci-fi guys were a sort of UN peace keeping force, their primary role as a deterrent.
    As such I gave them a neutral grey colour.
    They were stationed on an alien world whose primary vegetation was a browny orange colour.
    The grey meant they stood out and could be seen coming from a way off, which is good as a deterrent.

    Examples here>>

    AB's 6mm sci-fi topic

    EDIT: Looks like Photobucket is being an arse

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    Thorsten Frank

    That´s a thread after my preferences. I´m similarly a hard science guy and tried various paint schemes over the years. Sorry, no pictures due to internet limitations.
    For vehicles I generally go after more exotic camo´s of not so well known armies – especially Asian like Indonesia or India, and Eastern Europe patterns (modern Ukraine or the multitude of Russian patterns), Austrialian or Japanese ones (both modern and WWII – they are often overlooked). The US Marine Corps used in the eighties and nineties some interesting patterns (with blue shades) and the arctic pattern is interesting too. I normally try to avoid one colour camos because I consider them rather “boring” – but sometimes they may go well, especially if units are portrayed that, like Mike said, have a more peacekeeping role. I usually avoid the standard patterns (eg. main NATO forces). But no rule without execeptions – the USAF lizard pattern as seen on the A-10´s in the eighties works for vehicles too. I even tried the WWII RAF fighter pattern once but that looked arkward.
    (And before someone asks, yes there was a LOT of paint stripper involved over the years).
    For company forces I reguarly go a bit more exotic – either using the respective companies prime colours as inspiration for a camouflage type or paint them entirely in that pattern. I, once painted vehicles completely painted in red with yellow McDonalds M´s as a small security detail. Looked fun – but I sadly took pictures of them. Police forces get reguarly a blue pattern – but there I experiment with the blue-silver (and even the old green-silver or white ones) from the German police.
    I also tried to use “hunter” patterns, those that are being sold for game hunters, for corporation or even partisan/guerellia forces.
    Another nice colour scheme is the urban camo that some of the street racing guys paint their cars in. On military vehicles it looks very exotic and “futuristic” but I tried that one not myself yet.
    6mm infantry is a bit difficult – I tried a lot of the above over the years with various results. I lack the painting skills to get them really excellent like the ones Mike did and tried various techniques but mostly I was unsatisfied with the results.
    For larger sizes (I change to 28mm skirmish currently) the results are often better. Spectre Miniatures has a fine multicam painting guide on their page.

    As far as inspiration in general goes I highly recommend the Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual – in my opinion THE sourcebook for hard military  sci fi and I wonder why nobody did a similar book for other sci fi movies (well, except the great two, Star Wars and Star Trek for which one get´s literally thousands…)

    And I found an interesting Youtube channel that does sometimes videos on this:

    "In strange grammar this one writes" - Master Yoda

    Darkest Star Games

    For me, when I paint sci-fi I generally break paint schemes into 2 camps: presentation and obfuscation.

    So, Presentation types of schemes would be those that are “hey look at me” types, usually used on “peace time” vehicles or to show factional differences.  These are also “general” or “default” schemes for units that may be spaceship based and never know where they are going to be headed and so wear a “national” type scheme.  Also works well for cultures that do not practice camouflage.  Another reason to use Presentation schemes is if sensor tech is so high in your universe that there may be no point in visual confusion attempts.  What is show in the 15mm Federation and Venturian Dark Star ranges are basically Presentation type schemes.



    Obfuscation schemes would be the classic camo types, or perhaps dazzle patterns that try to confuse optical sensors or physical observation.  Most patterns would be background dependent, or maybe even video/optical type displays so you can paint just like the terrain you’re playing in (rather than like a pattern).  I like dazzle patterns for sci-fi, they can look quite cool whereas real-world camo patterns just make them look too modern.  Caunter scheme looks pretty good on grav vehicles, especially if they are angular.

    I’ll see if I can take pix of some of my 6mm stuff tonight.

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    Great ideas guys. Thank you a lot. I will have to go through the other thread and glean what I can. I like the idea of dazzle camo and it reminds me of a couple schemes I did in the ’80s on some large micro armour tanks of the day, remember Superior’s gigantic armour? I was using them as OGREs as in the cyber tank game. My attitude was for these I can’t hide anyways so kind of a Roger Dean”esk” vibe. At least I thought it was his thinking. I searched the web but found nothing but I have an art book somewhere which I think is his work and there are some big armour or other sci fi vehicles (could be someone else”s work).

    I like the idea of stand out uniforms. Sort of like the kilts in many military units or the very visible dress uniforms. I also like the “spacey” vibe of various shades of grey or even black and white. As for “traditional” camo colours I think they are best kept on the “real world” military figures I have. Some pics would still be appreciated.

    Just to clarify I was thinking mainly infantry or armoured infantry and not so much vehicles. But now that you have mentioned it that now comes to mind. Thank you all.

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