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    I’ve played a lot of historical wargames and I’ve play a couple of naval wargames and I’ve played a lot of BattleTech and I’ve played a little bit of Silent Death.

    So that’s the stuff I am familiar with.

    What I’m curious about is a fleet level space combat game. Something with gunboats, destroyers, cruisers, carriers, battleships, etc… along with fighter groups and the like.

    My preference would be to find a game that can be used to play StarWars or Battlestar Galactica but are not the “official rules” for that universe.

    My followup question is going to be where and how do people source their ship models for such things?


    The Bandit


    I’ve played in enormous fleet actions (sometimes involving enormous playing areas**) using Full Thrust. An excellent set of not overly detailed but loads of fun rules, and available now for free


    ** such as the village hall game we played in Bradley Stoke – the whole hall was the playing area, we had ships accellerating up to speeds of 50 or more at one point to get from one major area of action to another.


    Not an endorsement since I haven’t played them, but I’ve read good things about Colonial Battlefleet, which offers flexibility.

    Mr. Average

    I second Full Thrust. Also the unfortunately-named but very solid Starmada if you want a slightly more granular flavor for individual ships.


    Yes, you can get the Full Thrust rules as free downloads at:


    (You’ll want at least Full Thrust and Fleet Book 1, which changes quite a lot of the rules as well as having a list of pre-built ships. Fleet Book 2 gives you more ships and more weapons.)

    One drawback to the rules as published, if you design your own ships, is that it can get a bit rock-paper-scissors: a fleet that’s all fighters and very light carriers can kill a conventionally-armed flight, which can kill an anti-fighter-specialised fleet, which can kill an all-fighter fleet. But if you stick with ship designs from the books or inspired by them, this shouldn’t be a problem.

    Lagartija Mike

    Can Starmada be (easily) modified to accept new or variations on weapons systems or armor?

    Mr. Average

    Yes. It has a free weapon design system. Very flexible.

    Armor and shields are handled a little more generically, but still have some variation.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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