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    This is the start of another Sellswords and Spellslingers campaign using the Ganesha games rules. For this campaign we downloaded the Demons Gate campaign off Grahams great blog (https://grahamsgaming.blogspot.com/) and we fudged a couple of some things like using goblin stats for Imps and came up with our own XP for victory points.

    We introduced a house rule of party upkeep, as we have found over time we tend to not loot or collect items, because there’s not a lot to do with the SP. What this meant was that we had to provide each PC with 10SP (Silver Pieces) upkeep per game. I have 5 guys in my party and Mark has 3, so I have more hungry mouths to feed!

    Also Mark was using a custom trait called Parry, instead of a shield.

    Game 1
    What looked like a simple mission, which was to merely cross the board turned into an epic game. It was a close run thing, with all PCs wounded (most with 2 wounds, one more and they would be out of action) and one of mine died. Here’s a few random photos and commentary.

    Excuse the average photos, my phone is not a top of the line model!

    The parties – the on on the left has a Magic user, Alchemist and a Thief. The other party on the right is more tooled up for fighting with a Cleric, 2 Fighters and 2 Archers.

    The table. The objective was to enter from the right side on the road and exit on the bottom left corner, which sounds simple …..

    The first time. the parties advanced and could see a number of dead bodies by the side of the road. Also quite a few angry Cultists blocked their way.

    Another view of the situation, its heard to see but there are a number of Cult Warriors who are better quality foes with armour saves.

    Scenario Event. The local Captain of the guard is battling a minor Demon, and the Captain is killed before the party can help

    Some the characters turned around and shot at the Demon, and a mix of knifes and arrows killed it.

    As the parties advance, more Cultists arrive from all directions!

    Meanwhile two PCs move in contact with the Guard captain, to hear him wish his last words and pass on valuable campaign information.

    More Cultists and a couple of Imps emerge from the forest. At this point enemy reinforcements really started to come on in large numbers

    As two PCs were killing a group of cultists and checking their bodies for info, a Winged lessor Demon sneaked up on them and attacked.

    While one party battled the Demon, the other was dealing with a particularly tough Cult Warrior (in the middle of the PCs), while a hordes of cultists bears down on them. the parties have given up looting by now as there were too many enemy around.

    The final battle. A large horde of Cultists were inbound.

    I got a bit caught up in events as 2 of my PCs went down so I forgot to take more photo of the game. After a close call in which all the PCs were wounded, everyone managed to escape. One of my Archer had been taken out and was carried off, and failed their post game roll and died.

    So what started out as a easy stroll through the woods turned into a blood bath!

    I played the second scenario a couple of weeks ago, so I’ll add a report for that soonish.

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    Crikey that was brutal.

    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    Heck of a lot of killing you had to do.  But losing a dude is worth it when you put down a demon or 2.

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

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    It’s always tough to remember to take photos when running a game, especially when the party is at risk of getting wiped.  Quite the bloodbath!

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    Thanks, yes it was. Its definitely a game where your party is outnumbered and hanging on by a thread at times. My very 1st and 3rd games of Sellswords I lost my entire party!

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    Here’s our second game of the Demons Gate Sellswords and Spellslingers campaign. Note this was posted on the Songs of Blades and Heroes Facebook group but I’ve added a few more comments and photos. I replaced my Archer that died and used my XP to upgrade my healers skill.

    The task was pretty simple for the two parties, cross the town square and enter the Guildhall (round Mausoleum). However lots of Undead and Cultists were in the way.

    I was a bit short on buildings so I had to make do with some ruins and 1/72 Italeri buildings, so the sandstone colours looked a bit weird on the cobblestone mat. I also got to use the massive Reaper bones Astrolab, which is not the most practical piece of scenery I own.

    At the start. Mark has moved his party but a group of Cultists deployed on my flank, too close for comfort. Also in the distance is an armoured Cult warrior (GW knight)

    Although the cultists were killed, now 2 Zombies/skeletons (we were using Skeleton stats for Zombies) have arrived!

    After clearing most of the nearby foes, the parties advanced although the Rangers were lagging behind. Also in the background is a Cultist emerging from the ruined house.

    Ambush. A Zombie sprung out of the fountain and attacked a PC

    A bit more progress. The grey marker is a rain marker which effects bow fire.

    One of the parties is fighting Cultists.

    Another ambush!

    And at the same time is another battle with cultists. Most of the figures are Frostgrave cultist but I converted a few Night Goblins and Bretonnian archers into cultists

    The undead are starting to arrive in bigger numbers. Up to this point we had had a very good run with no Monster Frenzy cards for the first 1/3 of the game. Monster frenzy cards activate all monsters on the table.

    A ghoul springs an ambush on a wounded PC.

    More undead emerge from the ruins!

    And on the other side a Cultist awakes

    The Rangers clear the immediate enemy but took quite a few wounds for their efforts. The Guildhall is just visible in the top of the photo and the way ahead seems pretty clear….

    The other party has had a tougher journey with 3 PCs getting caught in snare traps – two PCs were trapped almost at the same time (there is one in this picture with a dice to show how much damage to the trap has been done).

    Eventually they progress while under a constant stream of attacks.

    The rangers are near the Guildhall but are fighting 2 Armoured Cult warriors, who are very tough

    The other party rushes to help

    Meanwhile they have a lot of undead bearing down on them

    And they continue to battle them

    Here’s a shot if the table with all the undead reinforcements

    After killing the Cult Warriors, the Rangers decide to move backwards to kill the large horde of Zombies coming. Its a bad idea as on the the rangers gets stuck in a snare trap. The magic user desperately casts a fireball spell.

    And the fireball is extremely effective, killing 11 Zombies!!!

    The rangers decide not to take any more risks and make a hasty exit to the Guildhall. They have all been wounded and they can’t afford to take anymore wounds.

    The other party continue to battle a few undead ambushers.

    Eventually they manage to slowly exit completing the scenario

    This was another tough game with almost all the PCs wounded and a lot were down to their last wound. The sheer number of reinforcements that arrived really caused us problems. Luckily no one died this time and a few experience points were earned.

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    That was probably the 2nd most effective fireball I’ve seen in any game, well used!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    Avatar photo6mmwargaming

    Thanks it was indeed!

    Part 1 of Game 3 of the campaign

    For this scenario, the parties have to cross the graveyard and enter the Mausoleum. In their way are many undead skeletons and ghouls.

    The table is covered with a graveyard in the top 2/3rd, and part of the town in the lower third. There is a partially ruined fence separately the 2 areas. I didn’t manage to finish all my terrain in time so the gravestone pieces and the fences are not quite done.

    After the deploying, we were in action from the start, as the skeletons deployed outside the graveyard were close to our starting position.

    A few fights and the odd fireball and the area outside the graveyard was mostly empty.

    Inside a few ghouls entered the table

    Once the Graveyard was clear, a brave (or foolish) Ranger rushed towards the Mausoleum.

    However that triggered the appearance of a Wraith who came out of the door.

    A couple of bad activation rolls later and the Wraith closed on the hapless Ranger. Meanwhile a group of Cultists lead by a Cult Warrior appeared on the players entry table edge, followed quickly by a horde of Skeletons.

    Just to make matters worse the Minor Demon arrived as a Wandering monster along with more Ghouls.

    I’ll add the final part tomorrow of this game report.

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    Avatar photoThe Red Hobbit

    I didn’t think the sandstone buildings were too out of place, gotta make do with what ya got!  The Astrolab is a fun set piece.  Fun report, my first thought when I read the Zombie ambushed them from the fountain was that I hoped the undead didn’t taint the local water supply with a dead body in a water well, oh boy.  Kudos to the spell slinger for toasting so many with a fireball, well done!

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    Part 2 of the game report

    The situation

    The other party had entered the graveyard and was now advancing cautiously and one of the Rangers rushed to help out their friend. However the fight was not going well with the ranger wounded, and then they failed a Will test against the Wraith and attempted to flee. We gave the Wraith a free hack as the Ranger fled, and he was killed.

    It only got worse for the Rangers as a skeleton ambushed one of them and a monster frenzy card brought the Cultists into a threatening range.

    The other party had advanced towards the Wraith and now contacted it.

    And now it got worse. The minor Demon contacted the Ranger and their parry let them down and his was wounded again.

    The Cultists had been picked off with bow fire, but the Cult Warrior was able to contact the Ranger’s magic user who had taken a wound earlier from an ambush.

    Finally the Wraith was killed and the party tried to clear the area of foes and one rushed to help the rangers. But it was too late as the Ranger battling the Demon was taken out quickly followed by the Ranger’s magic user. Now the whole ranger party was out of action!

    My party had a decision to make, abandon their friend and make haste for the Mausoleum, or stay and try and rescue the rangers. I choose to stay and a couple of Strong bow shots took care of the Minor Demon and the ghoul.

    Other party members rushed to the edge of the graveyard and fought the Cult Warrior and undead standing over the Wizards body.

    Meanwhile one of the already wounded fighters, who was battling a pair of ghouls was also out of action.

    So now there were 4 PCs standing and 4 out of action!

    I spread my party out and one of the fighters who was the most wounded picked up a Ranger and made for the Mausoleum

    Then some luck with the dice, my Cleric who was standing next to the Ranger wizard rolled 4 activations, picked up the body and sprinted to the Mausoleum.

    Next turn both these both were able to successfully enter the Mausoleum. That only left my 2 Archers and 2 out of action Rangers. Fortunately there were no enemy nearby, so they both managed to pick up a body each, and enter the Mausoleum. Game over!

    That was another game that started well but it went downhill very fast. We both thought it was curtains for the Rangers and I didn’t expect to successfully rescue all of them, given how tight the game was. If I hadn’t had a couple of good activations after the Rangers had gone down it could have turned out very differently.

    However after checking on the Rangers, the wizard had been too badly wounded and died, but the rest survived.

    A near run thing as they say!

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    Any sort of fear tests in these rules?

    Avatar photo6mmwargaming

    Yes, there are a few ways, it can be part of the scenario, monster special rules or an event card

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    Lucky of the cleric to get so many activations to drag the ranger inside, too bad the wizard bit the dust anyways.  I’m not familiar with the system but how do bonus activations work, do you roll at the start of each turn?

    Avatar photo6mmwargaming

    The system is based on the Songs of Blades system by Ganesha game.

    In SS&SS, for each figure you activate you can roll 1,2 or 3 D20s to activate each figure (you have to decide before you roll, so there is a risk vs reward aspect to it). To pass a 8 or higher is needed, and each successful roll allows an action, eg move, fight, shoot pickup something etc. 7 or less is a failure and for each failure you flip over a card from the event deck. The event cards can be events like the closest monster activates, monster frenzy (all monsters on the table activate), mana flux which affects magic, or a scenario complication and lots of other events). These event cards are resolved before you get to resolve any successful actions. If you roll a natural 20 on activation, then that gives you two actions instead of one, or you can use the extra action to cancel a failed activation dice.

    Monsters only activate when a Event card is flipped and they don’t have a turn. They have slightly different rules eg a move and attack is one action.

    Hope that helps

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    monster frenzy (all monsters on the table activate)

    Wow that sounds brutal.  The system sounds pretty fun, I’ll have to check it out sometime.

    Avatar photo6mmwargaming

    Yes Monster frenzy is nasty. Sometimes it can help your party dispose of foes without having to use actions to fight them. but there is a danger they will get overwhelmed!

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    Game 4

    This game was set underground and involved the party navigating their way through a dungeon to the other side. We set up a reasonably open dungeon for this as we weren’t sure how t would go with the corridors and wandering monsters and the author of the original scenario had issues with this when they played this scenario.

    The party had to travel from left to right in this photo

    We had 6 main room areas joined by doorways and corridors. For the final 2 rooms, it was decide that we wouldn’t know which room had the exit until we got there.

    Also it was our first game with these rules in a dungeon so we had to makeup some rules for certain situations as we went along. For monster arrivals we rolled a D6 for the rooms and a D4 for the walls and then placed the monsters next to the most appropriate piece of terrain, eg a crypt or door.

    A note on the terrain. I’ve been making dungeon furniture and these dungeon walls for a while out of XPS foam but I ran out of time to finish them for the game. The walls join onto each other using rare earth magnets and this was the first time laying them out. Most of the sections are painted but I didn’t get time to give them any washing or weathering. I also have a bunch of extra pieces – shields, banners, torches, sewage pipes left to glue onto the walls.

    And excuse the poor quality photos, I’ll try my camera next time as my phone only has a cheap camera.

    Both parties started in the bottom doorway on the table. There was a group of skeletons near the entrance.

    Turn One
    My party went first and rushed into the room I managed to get most of my guys into the room but only one fighter contacted the nearby horde of Skeleton and subsequently was wounded in his first combat However my first turn was better than the other party who managed to rolled 2 sets of 3 failed activation dice, including triple ones!

    The second turn was better with both parties engaging the skeletons but there was a monster frenzy and a horde activates so all the foes got a bit closer. Two skeleton ambushes also jumped out of the skeleton cabinets in the room

    We played it that the foes didn’t lose any movement for going through doors

    The parties continued to fight the skeletons making hard work of it, and a couple more ambushes were triggered. We drew a “That may come in handy” card and decided it contained a clue as to which room contained the exit to the dungeon.

    Due to some poor activation dice rolling (a common theme this game) the large horde of Cultists edged around the corner and were fireballed by the mage, killing 6 of them.

    Monster reinforcements began to arrive, firstly a minor demon along with 3 ghouls!

    The parties continued to clear the first room, killing the last 2 cultists but some had taken wounds, so they paused to heal.

    While the ranger party floundered due to very poor activation dice, the other party boldly (or foolishly) moved into the main room. However it was very dangerous, with the Minor Demon and Chaos champion both activating and entering the same room!

    Some very effective Strongbow fire downed the Chaos champion and then the Minor demon, while a group of ghouls popped out of a hidden section in the walls.

    The other party was left fighting another horde of skeletons while some Cultists had arrived in the same entrance the party had. Shortly after fireballing the cultists, the mage rolled a 1 when trying to cast another fireball and was out of magic for the game!

    Back in the main area, some cultists were chanting at the altar, getting ready to fight.

    The ghouls activated on a Hordes activates card and charged the 2 bowmen, while the cultists finished chanting and exited the room

    Back in the entrance room 2 groups of 6 skeletons arrived at the entrance after 2. They are at our backs cards were drawn, making a huge horde of 12 skeletons!

    Meanwhile the Rangers continuing to fail their activations and were just making the way out of the first room

    Another monster frenzy card was flipped over and the Wraith enter the main room. I’d forgotten the figure so I had to use a puny ghoul instead, in red clothing.

    The party in the main room decided to foolishly charge the wraith, but it was a very tough creature. The managed to get 2 wounds on the wraith.
    However in the PCs next activation they all failed their willpower tests and fled. One PC was cutdown while fleeing but this was actually a good result! Now the archers could shoot the wraith from a safe distance!

    The first archer let lose an aimed shot, scoring another 2 HP damage and the second archer also got a lucky hit, killing the wraith!

    The ranger party had cleared the skeletons in front of them and decided to make haste, as they didn’t want to take on the large horde of skeletons following them. The moved into the now empty room, but behind the door was yet another horde of cultists.

    In the bigger room there were still some Imps and more cultist to kill. All the PCs had been wounded, but they had found some nice loot. The downed PC was checked and was wounded (-2 to activations, and half speed movement) but still alive.

    The ranger were now fighting the cultists thanks to another horde activates card but were struggling to some appalling activation and combat rolls. The lack of armour in the party was not helping them either.

    Meanwhile the party had killed the imps and were fighting some cultists. Another horde of Cultists arrived as wandering monsters and charges the PC. The Cleric was cut down by them, while the archers desperately joined in the fight!

    The rangers had finally got some decent dice and were able to clear the cultists and enter the last room. They fought the last ghoul and made for the mysterious looking cabinet on the far wall.

    Back in the main room, the PCs were slowing killing the cultists, but an armoured cultist arrived and proceed to activate again, and charged the archer. With no shield or armour to save him, he was taken out. Desperately the wounded fighter and the other archer fought the armoured cultist and managed to kill him.

    Two of the rangers had opened the secret cabinet and entered, while the third ranger stayed back to fight two Imps who had appeared.

    The other party activated and the wounded fighter managed to roll well and moved 3 moves towards the exit.

    More foes were arriving in the main room including another Chaos champion so the party decided to make a dash for the exit before the skeleton horde blocked their way.

    Luck was on their side as the second fighter rolled 4 successful activations, so he picked up the cleric and sprinted past his party had through the door into the last room! Impressed by this the archer, got 3 success and picked up the other downed archer and followed closely behind.

    Back in the final room, 2 of the Ranger’s PCs made a dash for the safety of the exit. The ranger who was struggling to kill a couple of lowly Imps, was only 1 monster activation away from being swamped by a massive skeleton horde decided to break off combat and make for the entrance. They PC had not been wounded so far and rolled 3 successes. They broke off combat and took one wound but they were able to make a good dash into the last room and meetup with the other party.
    More luck shined on the other party with the wounded PC who was at -2 on activation rolls, getting 4 successes and dashing to safety.

    The remaining PCs managed to exit to safety just as the horde of skeletons entered the last room. Game over and another close call!

    Another tough game and a lot of that comes down to the sheer number of foes that turn up, which can turn into a slugfest. The ranger party had terrible activation dice all game and that meant a lot more actions for the foes everywhere!
    Playing in a dungeon worked well but we made it pretty open and less like a groups of rooms with corridors in between. We noted that on the original game they had issues with monsters never getting into contact, but we didn’t have that due to the openness, small area and lots of monster actions. I’d like to develop this further type of dungeon crawl game further.
    Losing the fireball spell early in the game really makes it hard to deal with large groups of foes, and it’s something to consider for our own scenario designs. We talked about less foes, but perhaps tougher, or a fixed number of foes in the scenario.
    Finally I do think the strong bow is too powerful, and with 2 in my party I was able to kill 3 tough foes with relative ease. I have been considering a house rule were a strong bow has to exceed the DL of a foe by 3 or more, to get the second point of damage (kind of like a called shot), and I want to trial this in a future campaign.

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    This game is the 5th and final adventure in the Demons gate campaign. Ours parties have scraped through the games barely surviving and quite often carrying each other’s lifeless bodies to safety.

    For this scenario, the parties have entered a large cavern and their goal is to kill or wound the High Priest and then escape with their lives. All the while the priest is busy summoning all manner of creatures and the parties have to cut their way through the minions to get to the priest.

    I didn’t have any cavern scenery so I reused some scifi boards I made, along with rock crystals, clump foliage, lichen and GW Azrite ruins. Once again I used a large Reaper bones piece, this time as the portal where the creatures would enter.

    The priest is protected by a Chaos Champion, hordes of cultists and imps (we used goblins instead) and some rather tough Cult warriors.

    Onto the game.
    After the party deployed on the opposite side to the portal, one of the first activation failures, caused a Minotaur to arrive through the portal (I used a large Gnoll as I couldn’t find my Minotaur figure).

    A few more failed activations produced a Monster frenzy, That’s a big one and then Monster activates cards to come out. A cultist charged one of the Rangers but was cut down.

    Then the horde of red cultists activated again and charged the Ranger.

    Another Ranger rushed into assist and they made quick work of the cultists (unlike prior games where their dice were woeful, the rangers were rolling well tonight)!

    Then another complication card was drawn, and a Chaos Champion arrived through the portal.

    The parties continued to advance and were getting close to the 1/3rd mark

    Two “They’re at our backs” cards arrived in quick succession, and suddenly a horde of 8 cultists loomed behind the parties.

    Ignoring this the parties pushed onto the center. A horde of goblins got closer and a bigger Goblin broke off, while the Minotaur was killed by some bow fire.

    A Horde activates card was drawn and the horde of goblins contacted the rangers.

    The high priest started firing magic blast at the two closest PCs, but they successfully dodged

    Then a Monster frenzy which the large goblin and a horde of cultist contacting a couple of fighters.

    Another creature arrived through the portal, this time a Mutant Souldrinker

    The scrum in the middle continued and the Rangers had dispatched the Goblin horde, while other foes got closer. One of the Cult warriors gained a mutation in the form of an extra arm.

    Next the Chaos Champion is dropped by the rangers. They definitely brought their A game tonight and so far have had their best dice of the entire campaign. The 2 fighters are not making any progress against the horde of Cultists though.

    Now the path was clear to the Warlock, the Rangers magic user let loose with a fireball! This was successful and the damage was enough to cause the Warlock to flee, through the portal, closing it behind him.

    Game over or so we thought, until we read the victory conditions and realised we had to exit the table from where we had started!

    Next one of the rangers was contacted by the multi-armed Cultist warrior, while the fighters in the middle made progress whittling down the cultists. In the back a horde of Goblins who had been slowing moving up attacked.

    One of the Rangers was in a spot of bother with a Chaos Champion and a Mutant souldrinker bearing down on him.

    And near the entrance two groups of cultists stood blocking the way to the entrance/exit.

    After dispatching the Mutant Souldrinker back to the underworld, the 2 parties began to retreat towards the entrance. Most were wounded (the red markers indicating the wounds they had suffered).

    Then one of the archers was taken out of the game by a Cultist, and a Chaos Champion (the Warlocks bodyguard) was getting very close to the PCs.

    A Ranger who had fallen over with a Loss of balance at an inopportune time, now had a Minor Demon breathing down on him. With the best dice of the night and the best use of a Leadership bonus, the PC turned all the 7’s turned into 8’s and stood up and ran for his life!

    On the other side of the table a group of Cultists had been moving up and now threatened the flank of the retreating PCs.

    More good activation dice for the Rangers meant the Magic user (who had run out of casting magic) got to the exit, while 3 PCs were close behind.

    However the fighter was valiantly fighting the Chaos Champion and a Cult Warrior while his friends abandoned him to his fate. The other PCs only had one wound remaining each. After heroically killing the Chaos Champion, the PC was killed by the Cult Warrior.

    The Cleric who had been carrying the fallen Archers body to safety dropped the body near the exit and returned to help the other Archer, but he was too late to save the Archer, who was also killed.

    At this point with 3 down PCs and only 2 alive, the party had to abandon the other fighters body, vowing to return, and carry the 2 Archers bodies to the exit. The Rangers also completed their exit and it was victory to the PCs in the campaign!

    We actually had a plan this game which was to not split the parties up and charge straight up the middle and kill the Warlock as fast as possible. This went well but we didn’t realise we had to exit again, so we should have had guys defending the return route.

    The Rangers probably had their best dice of the campaign, and it was a good time, as the opposition in this game were a lot tougher. Overall we enjoyed the campaign and found some nice ideas and challenges in the scenarios. At times it was a bit of a hack/slash because there were a lot of foes on the table, and it did get overwhelming dealing with massive hordes of monsters.

    What next? Well I’m writing our own campaign which we hope to playtest in the new year (or maybe sooner). Also Ganesha games have been drip feeding new monsters and other ideas through their Patreon so I plan to incorporate so of those into the campaign , along with what we learned from playing this.

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    Avatar photoMike

    Cool, how long did that take to play?
    A good few hours?

    Avatar photo6mmwargaming

    Cool, how long did that take to play?
    A good few hours?

    it was quite slow – maybe 2 1/2 – 3 hours. This campaign has a lot more monsters turning up than the scenarios in the rule book. Probably too many I think.

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    The Dungeon walls from XPS look good, I really like the decor as well, especially the glass museum pieces.

    The cultist splayed out on the ground in the next game is a riot, I might have to pick up a few as scatter terrain the next time I use my berserkers haha.  Is that also a reaper mini?

    Avatar photo6mmwargaming

    Thanks, the cultist is a free 3D print from thingverse


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