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    Our last planned game with our parties was a game against Count Carali

    We don’t have all the figure options so we chose to play the Werewolf option but randomise which items we could get. However in a major snaju I left the Werewolf figures behind so we had to scramble for something suitable.

    In the end the Count had the Chaos Taint and was a Mutant Souldrinker with a strange assortment of figures.

    The setup after deploying 16 villagers and the Count with his body guard. The red cultists were villagers but could easily be the Count’s supporters.

    The setup
    The terrain is mostly made by me with the buildings scratch built in the 90s GW style. The table fountain, cart and outhouse are 3D printed.

    Mysterious Cultists

    The first party started quite close to some villagers which was a bad move as they were cramped for space.

    The second party had some fun as almost immediately a group of pigs attacked the PCs causing some grief.

    This also triggered one of the mysterious cultist figures to reveal himself as a supporter of the Count and attack the party.

    For the first few turns the going was tough as both parties experienced numerous ambushes and the armoured guards proved to be tough opponents with very effective armour saves!
    Both parties attempted to advance but lots of activation failures kept them busy dealing with the results and enemy of those.

    This party was ambushed 3 turns in a row with creatures bursting out from behind this hedge. The party fighters were having an off day and the Archer was taken out of action. Fortunately he survived unharmed thanks to a nearby healer.

    Meanwhile most of the other party was busy fighting the Count’s bodyguard as well as lots of Wandering monsters (Gnoll militia) and reinforcements.

    And it continued to get worse, as almost all the party was fighting off Wandering monsters or Bodyguards

    The party had finally cleared the extremely dangerous hedge, where 3 ambushes had been launched from!

    Another group of Gnolls (militia) turn up!

    Finally a breakthrough! After a few rolls of not many activations and wounds, the leader of the party Maelgwn, had an inspiring moment with some exceptional dice. He managed to kill the 2 armoured guards nearby allowing the party to regroup.

    The other party had finally broken free of the attackers and were heading towards the count. However the party had suffered some wounds.

    While the other party regrouped and tried some healing

    The first fighter managed to close on the Count but didn’t score a wound. A fighter from the other party was close, but the remaining PCs of both parties were still a way back.

    Disaster, as more reinforcements and ambushers arrived, and an Armoured guard killed the isolated Mage.

    Hoping to kill the Count quickly and break the morale of his supporters, the Dwarf also charged the Count

    And the fighter from the other party joined in, with the attacks taking their toll on the Count.

    Meanwhile the resuscitated Archer was once again in strife. He was surrounded by 3 Gnolls (Militia) and an Armoured guard (who had killed the Mage). Could he hold on until the Count was killed or would he be out of action for the second time this game?

    The other party was slowly advancing with poor activations hampering them.

    Finally the killing blow made by the Dwarf which ended the Counts life and the game!

    It was a close game with the PCs struggling to make progress and the armour saves of the Guard and Militia proved very effective. Once again a close game with heavy losses during the game. Thankfully everyone survived the game without any lingering injuries

    Postnote: we played this again using Werewolves and I will post some pictures n a few days.


    How long did it take you to make the houses? They’re really high qaulity. Also the hinges on the barn doors.
    Are the sheeps made out of wool?

    The mat looks good too, I like the color of the blend and that half harvested field.

    Tired is enough.


    How long did it take you to make the houses? They’re really high qaulity. Also the hinges on the barn doors. Are the sheeps made out of wool? The mat looks good too, I like the color of the blend and that half harvested field.

    Thanks. I posted an article on the basic houses here https://www.thewargameswebsite.com/forums/topic/fantasy-cottages-in-28mm/

    For the barn I followed a GW article and I glued each strip and tile on separately. it took a while but its the sort of thing you can do while watching tv. I have a progress shots if you interested but it was similar to the house, just lots more balsa! The hinges are 3d printed which is great for those kind of details.

    The sheep are metal figures but I dont know who made them

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