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    This is the first game of a campaign playing Sellswords and Spellslingers and using the scenario book called Last Stand at Mistham. https://www.ganeshagames.net/product_info.php?cPath=1_6&products_id=411

    This is the first adventure in which the party has to rescue a hostage who was captured by Goblins from Mistham, and is being held in a cage.

    The party left to right in the photo
    Sir Alderon the Clumsy, Knight – Fighter Sword (20), Armour (1), Shield(1), Clumsy
    Morton the Impulsive, Barbarian, Fighter 2HW (2), Strong, Healer(1), Impulsive, Burly
    Lemmy, Crossbowman – Crossbow(1), Armour (1), Healer(1), Greedy
    Kurt, Wizard – Sword, Spellcaster(1), Free Disengage, Weak, Fireball Spell

    The party started on the edge and has to get to the cage, break the captive Minai free, and all the table. Here you can see the setup and the Goblins and Orcs deployed.

    Turn one – the very first activation turned over a Wandering monster card and the Ogre leader Av-Aree (campaign legacy character) arrived, right behind the party and attacked Lemmy wounding him. Sir Alderon charged Av-Aree and caused 1 HP of damage in return.

    Meanwhile a horde Goblins and an Orc brute wandered onto the table.
    Turn two with the rest of the party looking on Sir Alderon attacks and wounds Av-aree again. Lemmy decides to join in and attacks the ogre, but instead is hit by the Ogre, but his armour saves him. A bit further away Morton attacks the Orc Brute with his two handed sword scoring a hit. A monster frenzy card is turned over and Av-Aree who is down to 1 wound left, decides to split and leaves the table!
    Turn 3 and the party is already using their only healing potion on Lemmy!

    The Orc brute Morton is fighting was bigger they he looked (“That’s a big one” card) and also Morton notices the orcs bugling money bags (He’s loaded card)!

    Meanwhile the party battles the horde of Goblins and while the Barbarian Morton finally kills the Orc.
    After they clear the initial defenders, the party advances up the table while Kurt the wizard checks out the big rock as he spied something interesting, but he is attacked by a Goblin ambusher! Morton rushes ahead of the party and get bogged down fighting goblins.

    The wizard finally get off his first fireball of the game wiping out a hoard of Goblins as more Goblin reinforcements arrived along with another Ogre.

    As the party gets close to the prison cage the Goblin guards prepare. The Barbarian and the knight charge the Goblin Guards but didn’t have enough activations to attack. A Monster Frenzy is turned over and the guard attacks Morton and is killed, while the other attacks Sir Alderon and dies. Morton the barbarian uses his strength to break the prison door down and Minai is freed. At this point the game has been going well with very few activation failures or enemy monsters appearing. Now they just have to get Minai to safety off a table edge.

    The party finishes off the remaining goblins and Orc brute near the prison cage, while the Barbarian begins leading a naked Minai to safety, but neglects to give her his cloak!

    Kurt and Lemmy fire at the Ogre who is getting closer, and cause 2HP damage, but then Kurt stands on a Bear trap and is wounded.

    While he struggles to get free, the Ogre gets dangerously close. Sir Alderon decides to head back to help the Wizard who has a wounded leg and is moving slower.

    A Monster frenzy card is turned over and the Ogre attacks Sir Alderon causing a nasty 2HP wound.

    The rest of the party pull back, leaving Sir Alderon to fight the Ogre on his own.

    Meanwhile a goblin hordes closes and also joins the fight against Alderon, and he dispatches a Goblin. Lemmy and Kurt and realise the danger and move back to assist the knight but watch in horror as Sir Alderon falls under the barrage attacks. It is none left to Lemmy and Kurt to dispatch the goblins and the Ogre.

    Meanwhile Morton has escorted Minai to safety off the table and he sprints back to help out.

    Morton kills a goblin and another is killed when the horde activates. Lemmy reloads and fires a crossbow bolt at the ogre killing him! Morton kills the last goblin and loots the ogres body, picking up 13SP. Lemmy checks on the status of Sir Alderon and he comes to, but is heavily wounded with a -4 on activations and a movement of 1″. Its a long walk off the table for him.

    Now the party needs to take more risks to get off the table before more monsters arrive. Sir Alderon bravely rolls 3 activation dice, failing all 3! The monsters continue to get closer.
    Realising the danger, in the next turn Alderon roles 3 successes and move 3″ (later on I realised I could have healed him to increase his movement by one, which would have been very helpful).

    While he is limping to safety Kurt and Lemmy provide fire support and Kurt fireballs an Orc brute who was getting close. Another turn and Sir Alderon again get 3 actions while Kurt kills another Orc with a fireball. Getting off the table seems possible now.

    In their next turn things start to go wrong. Sir Alderon is still moving but some Goblins close on Morton and attack. Both goblins hit him (he rolls a one), but his lack of armour is costly as he is taken out of action. Kurt is shocked and fails to cast any fireballs, but Lemmy manages to wound an Orc Brute.

    Lemmy, who has some healing knowledge, checks on Morton and splashes some water on his face, and Morton springs back up, as good as new (he rolled a 20 on a D20 on the Out of action table)! To make up for the embarrassment of being knocked out by a couple of lowly Goblins, he charges the Orc brute and chops its head off.

    The road is clear now but there are a lot of Orc brutes closing, so the party take a cautious approach only rolling one activation dice, to avoid too many monster activations. After a few failed attempts, the party limps off the table to safety and rescue Minai.

    After quite a few close calls the party survived to complete the mission, and manage to gain some XP and Silver Pieces.

    Kurt +1XP for find an interesting object
    Lemmy +1XP for killing an Ogre
    The party +2XP for rescuing Minai
    23SP pieces collected (the party didn’t attempt too much looting)

    Next up, game 2 of 5 in the campaign

    Darkest Star Games

    Woo boy, that was a nail biter!  I was for sure that you were going to lose both the knight and barbarian, good show on the win.  Looking forwards to the next installment!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    Woo boy, that was a nail biter! I was for sure that you were going to lose both the knight and barbarian, good show on the win. Looking forwards to the next installment!

    Thanks, yes it was close. That’s one of the strengths of SS&S is how tense games can be, which is great for solo games like this.


    Game 2 of Last Stand at Mistham campaign.

    The intrepid adventurers barely made it to safety in their last adventure, and now they have to return Minai to the village. Fortunately they had patched themselves up but could not spend any XP improving their skills. Also they found Minai some clothes so she is not wandering around naked!
    The objective of the second game was leisurely stroll across the board to get Minai to safety, while being hunted but all kinds of creatures.

    Here’s the game layout with the starting monsters deployed. The Orc leader Gargoth was deployed very close to the party which was good and bad.

    Turn one started alright with Kurt the wizard killing a goblin ambusher but Sir Alderon had a Scorpion crawl inside his armour and sting him, and he lost 1 HP.

    The party was moving slowly and the Orc chief Gargoth the Cunning (who had deployed close to the party) activated and attacked Morton the barbarian, who lost 2 HP! Not a good start

    In turn 3 there was a Monster frenzy (all monsters activate) and Morton was again struck by the Orc Leader and was out of action. Sir Alderon rushed to help but was too slow, however he did do 1 wound on Gargoth.

    In the next turn Sir Alderon attempted a power blow but failed miserably and was luckily saved by him armour. Meanwhile the wizard Kurt figured out his spells and launches a fireball at a goblin horde, and all that was left is a crispy burn mark on the ground.

    Sir Alderon attacks Gargoth again and wounds him again, and then the crossbowmen Lemmy steps in and kills Gargoth off! Gargoth was a legacy character who would have come back in later campaign games if he had escaped, but he was killed before he could.

    Lemmy loots Gargoth and then goes to check on the downed barbarian. He is badly injured but alive (down to 1 remaining HP, ½ speed and -2 on all rolls!) and it will be a struggle to get him to safety.

    As the party slowly staggers forwards, Kurt provides fire support fireballing more Goblins and an Orc brute. So far it has been hectic and the party is quite badly wounded, with a long way to go still!

    Where did they go? Incinerated by a fireball!

    More goblin reinforcements have moved up and a horde strikes Sir Alderon. He valiantly kills 2 Goblins but takes another HP and is down to him last HP. While that is going on Lemmy heals Morton and makes the tough choice to remove the -2 penalty on all dice rolls (a hero can only be healed once so I had to choose which affliction to heal).

    However just as Morton is feeling a little better, Sir Alderon is taken down by the last goblin (he rolls a 1 on a D20). Both his armour and shield fail to save him and what’s worse, is he rolls a 2 on the out of action table and is killed!

    The party pause to reflect for a moment, but realise they don’t have enough money to resurrect him, so they make the hard decision to leave his body behind and continue the mission (as that’s what he would have wanted).

    Progress is still slow and Lemmy is distracted by a shiny object in a nearby rock and goes to investigate. But a Goblin ambusher jumps out and the attacks Lemmy who loses 1 HP. The rest of the party watches on and doesn’t move.

    Next there is a Monster frenzy and they all activate. The Ogre is now in range and attacks Morton. He manages to counter the blow and damages the Ogre with his two handed sword. There is a collective sigh of relief as Morton has only one HP, and any hit will kill him.

    Kurt is obviously frazzled and attempts a fireball, but rolls a 1, so he loses his magic for the rest of the game.
    A “That’s a big one” card comes out and suddenly the ogre has an extra HP! But Morton is unperturbed, and swings his sword in a mighty Power blow, slicing the Ogre down the middle.
    In the next turn the party stands around while Lemmy kills the goblin ambusher and loots the body, while Morton loots the Ogres body. But it’s still not enough to resurrect Sir Alderon (they need 500Sp).

    The next 2 turns the party fails almost all their activations and 2 hordes of Goblins arrive on table along with another Ogre and a Goblin Wolfrider. Luckily they are far away so the party may be able to get off in the board in time before they are caught.

    Kurt is the only party member passing activations and bravely puts himself in the way of the advancing Goblin horde. They charge him and he dispatches one along with an ambusher who leapt out from behind the rock.

    Morton (the party’s only remaining fighter) gets his act together and charges the goblin and kills it.
    Lemmy has a burst of activity with 5 activations (two 20s and a 10 were rolled) and shoots and kills the goblin tailing their party and catches up.

    The next 2 turns go well with the party advancing quickly and no Monster frenzy or activation cards coming up. In an anti-climactic finish the party continues to roll good activation dice, and they all leave the table except for Lemmy, who has to deal with one last Goblin ambusher, before exiting.

    The party has made it back to the village to lick their wounds, and they have a drink to remember their fallen comrade. Lemmy spends his time practicing with his crossbow and gains a skill level, while the other 2 help setting traps. They are later approached by a rugged looking veteran who introduces himself as Big Jim, who offers to join the party. The party gladly accept and welcome his experience and leadership.

    Big Jim – 17XP, Fighter –Mace (1), Armour (1), Shield (1), Leader (1), Heavy Drinker

    This scenario took a heavy toll with the loss of Sir Alderon and Morton barely making it through! Having a fighting character (Morton) with no armour or shield is risky as two big hits can kill a character.

    I forgot about Mortons movement penalty after he was wounded, but there were a couple of activations I didn’t move him full distance all the time. I’ll make some movement penalty markers for future games as well as a reload marker for Lemmy’s crossbow.

    Morton +1XP for killing an Ogre
    Lemmy +1XP for find an interesting object
    The party +2XP for escorting Minai to safety
    23SP pieces collected (again the the party didn’t spend a lot actions looting)

    Darkest Star Games

    That’s a real bummer for Sir Alderan, didn’t even get a burial and will probably be gnawed on by an ogre.  But, this new guy seems like a better deal as he’s not clumsy and likes to party (drink).  Can you only rez a character right after the fight in which they perish?

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    That’s a real bummer for Sir Alderan, didn’t even get a burial and will probably be gnawed on by an ogre. But, this new guy seems like a better deal as he’s not clumsy and likes to party (drink). Can you only rez a character right after the fight in which they perish?

    No, you can normally carry someone off the table (no movement penalty) but the party would need 500SP to raise him from the dead. But they are too broke for that!

    Darkest Star Games

    Ya, he’d get pretty moldy before they could raise him.  That is, if it was worth it!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    Game 3 of Last Stand at Mistham

    As the party is resting within the village, there is growing concerns that the Orc raid was not a random event, but rather part of a bigger plan. So once again the party ventures out into danger, this time on a scouting mission to try and find any clues regarding a plan, left behind by the Orcs.
    The table is setup and 6 stone markers are placed to represent clue markers. The party must find at least 3 clues to complete their mission.

    And the monster deployment

    The first turn start with the party deployed at to bottom edge of the table. They advance and are attacked by the Orc brute, who hits Big Jim and wounds him! Meanwhile the Wizard Kurt, launches a fireball wiping out a horde of 3 Goblins.

    Turn 2 and the party begin to wonder if Big Jim is a bit past his prime. He has another 2 swings at the Orc both miss, but his armour and shield save him. Meanwhile Kurt kills 2 more Goblins but plenty of reinforcements arrive.
    Morton decides to help Big Jim with the Orc and misses as well, and takes 2HP for his troubles. Finally Lemmy and Big Jim manage to wound the Orc and kill him.

    Morton drinks the party’s only healing potion, while Lemmy heals a wound from Big Jim. It’s very early in the game to be using up a large amount of the parties healing (as a character an only be healed once by a healer).

    The party begins to advance and Kurt again cleans out a horde of 4 Goblins with a fireball.
    Meanwhile Lemmy rolls a 1 when shooting at an Orc and breaks his Crossbow! Morton is attacked by a Goblin ambusher and loses a HP. The rest of the party kill a couple of Goblins and slowly move forwards.

    The next turn is a mixed turn with Kurt the magician running out of magic for the rest of the game (another 1 rolled)! The rest of the party try a teamwork approach, and first Big Jim and then Lemmy move into contact with the nearest Orc Brute. Morton then runs in and kills the Orc with a mighty Power blow.

    Since that was so successful the party tries it again on the Ogre. After Lemmy finished looting the Orc, he closes with the Ogre, followed by Big Jim. Unfortunately Morton roils 2 failures, and the Ogre swings at Lemmy but his armour protects him. A monster frenzy follows and the big horde of Goblins close on the party.

    Lemmy is knifed by a goblin and loses 1 HP. Then another Goblin attacks and wounds Lemmy, who is taken out of the game!

    The Ogre swings at Big Jim but Big Jim counters and causes 1 HP on the Ogre.
    As the Goblins try to encircle the Party, Morton swings his big sword and is able to kill the Ogre, and Big Jim kills a Goblin. But then Big Jim loses his balance and falls over. The goblins try to hit him but Big Jims armour deflects the blade.

    While this is all going on, Kurt is attacked by a Goblin Wolf rider and loses 1 HP
    Morton and Big Jim chop their way through the goblins and Kurt scores a hit on the Wolf Rider. There is another Monster Frenzy and Morton and BJ both kill a Goblin but Kurt again loses a HP. Morton rushes over to help Kurt but he is too slow, and he watches Kurt get chopped down by the Goblin Wolfrider!

    So now half the party is out of action and the other half wounded, and they haven’t got close to the clues.

    In a fit of rage Morton swings at the Wolfrider and rolls a 20, scoring a critical hit, killing the Goblin Wolfrider, while Big Jim kills the last remaining nearby Goblin. The party regroup and check on the status of Lemmy and Kurt.

    Amazingly Lemmy and Kurt roll a 19 and a 20 for their Out of Action rolls, and both are unscathed!!!
    Kurt locates an interesting object in a nearby bush while Lemmy rubs some healing herbs on himself and recovers a HP.

    More Orcs and Goblins trickle towards them and a couple of goblin ambushers spring out at the party. Both Morton and Kurt take 1 HP of damage. Then there is another Monster Frenzy, and an Orc brute attacks Morton, who coolly counters and kills the Orc. The party pause once again, while Morton heals himself and Lemmy heals Kurt.

    Next Big Jim and Morton attack the Ogre. BJ does one point of damage while Morton misses.

    While the Ogre is occupied, Kurt the wizard rushes to the nearest clue marker (he got 4 activations) and finds a clue.

    The party batters away at the Ogre but Morton rolls a one and is taken Out of Action! Lemmy also tries to help but is hit by the Ogre twice, but his armour saves him both times. Finally Big Jim and Lemmy both hit him, killing the Ogre.

    While Lemmy attends to Morton, the rest of the party throw caution into the wind and scatter to search the clue markers, before reinforcements arrive.
    Then Morton rolls a 20 on the Out of Action table (another lucky escape for the party) and springs back up. He then rushes the nearest Orc brute and rolls another 20, scoring a critical hit and kills it.

    Kurt searches another clue marker (and doesn’t find anything) but then he is accosted by an Orc Brute.

    Lemmy finds the second clue while Morton’s clue marker springs a Gas trap but is not affected by it.
    The monsters continue to get closer (2 Monster frenzy cards came out) and Big Jim and Morton are unable to find a clue. Meanwhile Lemmy heads for the last clue marker in the corner.

    Lemmy searches the clue marker but comes up empty, while Morton finds the last clue marker, and the game is over.

    Post game stuff
    Morton +1XP for killing an Ogre and +1XP for a searching for a clue
    Lemmy +1XP for killing an Ogre and +1XP for a searching for a clue
    Big Jim +1XP for a searching for a clue
    Kurt +1XP for find an interesting object and +1XP for a searching for a clue
    The party +3XP for completing the scenario
    60SP pieces collected (a much better bounty this time)

    Another close call with everyone apart from Big Jim being taken out or action at some point. Some very good recovery roles stopped this being a disaster. And losing both Magic and shooting attacks early on really made it tough.
    In the “I forgot…” section, I forgot to Big Jims drunkenness at the start of the game, but I also forgot to use his leadership ability for the whole game!

    Darkest Star Games

    Ooo boy those recovery rolls we with you!  That all could have been a TPK with that many whiffed attacks.  Lucky your party can get away with just some severe bruising!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    Ooo boy those recovery rolls we with you! That all could have been a TPK with that many whiffed attacks. Lucky your party can get away with just some severe bruising!

    I know , I thought my party wouldn’t survive this encounter. Its one of the things I like that about these rules, is how close it can get


    Game 4 of Last Stand at Mistham

    The party is recovering at Mistham after another hard days night, but word arrives that Orcs have been spotted near the village. In this scenario our party has to protect any villagers from the raiders and escort them to the safety of the refuge. The village has 3 archers who can defend the refuge to help my warband out, as well as some traps dug earlier.

    The table with the orc attackers deployed (ok I should have put down the villagers and party first). The refuge is the walled piece on the left.

    Not all the villagers got the message of the attack, or decided to turn to drink instead!

    In Turn one, Kurt was attacked by a Goblin ambusher and managed to cut the Goblin down, while the rest of the party stood around after failing their activations! Meanwhile the 3 town Archers rolled very well and killed a Goblin, and put a wound on the Ogre and a Wolfrider, who had activated.

    Turn two was another bad turn with 2 Monster Frenzy cards coming out (all monsters activating) and the party slowly advanced. Once again it was left to the villager archers, who killed another Goblin and the Wolfrider. A couple of Orc brutes were getting very close to some of the villagers.

    In the third turn, finally the party began to do something but it was too late to save the poor Halfing chef, who was eaten by a large Wolf. Kurt got some revenge by killing the Wolfrider with a Fireball.

    Meanwhile Lemmy who was hanging back to fight some Goblins, broke his crossbow!
    At the far end of the village, it is a very dangerous situation and a villager is contacted and attacked by a Goblin horde, but she defends herself, and kills the goblin.

    The party contacted the first villager and order him to the refuge and Morton the Barbarian advanced towards the threatened villager. However next turn, Lemmy is still busy looting dead bodies, while Big Jim and Morton advance, throwing caution into the wind and rolling 3 activations.

    Big Jim kills a Goblin Ambusher. Meanwhile Kurt decide to help out the Archer who have the Ogre breathing down on them. He launches a fireball and kills the Ogre as well as 2 Goblins! Suddenly that flank is secure.

    The first villager reaches safety.

    Morton rushes forward and dispatches the goblin attacking the villager, and suggest she moves to safety. Meanwhile Lemmy the crossbowmen found something interesting by the well and comes away with 11SP.

    With a burst of energy, Big Jim rushes towards a villager and instructs her to head to the refuge.
    The party was very lucky at this point as their activations had gone their way and the Orcs who were close to the villagers had not activated for a couple of turns.

    Morton then contacts the last villager and persuades him to go to safety
    Next Kurt moves up and launches a fireball at the Orcs near Morton. Both Orc brutes are killed as well as a Goblin, but Morton is hit as well and loses 2 HP. Lemmy and Big Jim move forwards to support Morton, who is feeling slightly aggrieved.

    With most of the monsters on the table cleared, the party begins to fall back towards the safety of the refuge to help protect the villagers. Morton attempts to heal himself but fails.

    More of the villagers arrive at the refuge

    More monsters slowly come on including another Ogre, and advance. A Wolfrider moves closer, and Lemmy attacks him, wounding the Wolfrider. Meanwhile the village Archers kill another Goblin straggler.

    In the last turn Big Jim kills the wolf rider and the archer kills another goblin.

    None of the other monsters activate (as the party was rolling minimal activation dice) and the last of the villagers reach the refuge. That’s was an anti-climatic finish to the scenario!

    Post game stuff

    5 villagers rescued – 5XP
    Kurt +1XP for killing an Ogre
    Lemmy +1XP for a searching for a clue
    A measly 19SP pieces collected

    Although the game started badly, I had a very good run of luck and 5 of the 6 villagers were rescued. The party was barely wounded with the most damage on Morton from Kurt’s fireball (a calculated risk) .

    Darkest Star Games

    Almost too easy, though that was a rocky start.  MVP was definitely the fireball.  😀

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    Almost too easy, though that was a rocky start. MVP was definitely the fireball. 😀

    Yes its almost compulsory for slaying hordes of minions.


    Game 5 of Last Stand at Mistham – Campaign finale

    After the party managed to escort the villagers to a safe refuge, they ponder their next move. The party rests and then begins preparations to go back out and kill the Orc Chieftain Krugar.
    In this scenario our party has kill the Orc Chieftain or wound him enough so that he will flees from the table. Once again the village has 3 archers who can defend the refuge against marauding monsters.

    The table with Orc brutes, Goblins, Goblin Wolfriders and Krugar the chieftain (in a purple shirt at the bottom). The party is deployed near the refuge (obscured by the house) along with the Archers.

    In Turn one, Kurt starts proceedings by fireballing a nearby Goblin horde, killing 4 of them. The rest of the party cautiously move forward.

    In turn two, Lenny kills one of the remaining nearby goblins, while the party moves towards the center of the table.

    In the next turn, things get worse for the party as Kurt fails to cast a spell (he rolls a “1”) and runs out of magic for the rest of the game. The rest of the party continue to pick off nearby Goblins.

    The party gets near the table center and Morton fights a Wolf Rider killing it.

    So far it has gone well for the party with the exception of Kurt losing his magic. Also there have not been many failed activation or monster reinforcement cards turned over.

    Big Jim charges an Orc Brutes and attacks, but misses and loses 2 Hit points.

    Morton tries to help out but loses his balance and is then attacked by a Goblin. However Lemmy is able to rush up and help Big Jim to fight the Orc, but he is also hit. This is a tough Orc!

    In the next turn Big Jim is able to hit and kill the Orc, and Lemmy loots the body and then uses his healing skill to heal 1 HP from Big Jim.

    As the party pause, Orc reinforcements stream on and Lemmy shoots his crossbow at a Ogre. But his crossbow snaps and now the party is left without any ranged attacks!

    Ignoring the large Ogre, everyone moves towards the Orc Chieftain and Morton heals Lemmy who regains 1 HP. Big Jim rushes ahead and attacks a Goblin, dispatching it.

    In a rare display of teamwork, Big Jim and Lemmy contact the nearest Orc Brute and then Morton swoops in and kills the Orc with his 2 handed sword.

    In the finale of the campaign, the party move in on Kurgan the Orc Chieftain. Morton bravely contacts Krugar, followed by Big Jim who attacks Krugar, but instead is hit. Fortunately his armour saves him.

    Morton then swings and hits Krugar, causing 2 HP of damage, while the rest of the party surround Kurgan (giving him no chance to escape).
    But Krugar fights back and attacks Lemmy, inflicting 2 HP of damage, taking Lemmy out of the game!

    Big Jim is able to exact his revenge on the Orc who has been attacking his village, and kills Krugar and thus ends the game and the campaign.

    The party then check on Lemmy and found that the wound was fatal and he died!


    A game that once again went well for the adventurers, with not many failed activations or bad Event cards. There were not a lot of monster reinforcement cards which came out so the party was able to focus on the goal of killing Kurgan. Which was lucky as they had no ranged attacks and could have been overwhelmed.
    Overall it was a great campaign and only half of the party that started it survived! The last 2 games were definitely easier and I think that came down to my good luck. Possibly extra foes could be added to those scenarios, but with worse luck it could go horribly wrong.
    I took a couple of different types of characters this campaign, including a shooter with crossbow (Lemmy) and an unarmoured fighter (Morton). The crossbow was pretty good but it has its limitations compared to a bow (but its cheaper), and Morton was lucky to survive as he was taken out multiple times during the campaign, but made it through with some lucky dice rolls.

    Party experience and Silver collected

    3XP for killing Krugar
    Morton +1XP for a searching for a clue
    Big Jim +1XP for killing Krugar
    128 SP from looting and from the grateful villagers.


    Everything is just so pretty.


    Everything is just so pretty.

    Thanks, I’m happy with the scenery but I think my mat could do with an upgrade. My figure basing has changed and so I would like a mat that matched.

    Darkest Star Games

    Great finish, but poor Lemmy!  But at least the village has been saved… for the moment.

    It cracks me up that they were looting bodies before the fight was over.  Is that automatic or a choice?

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    Everything is just so pretty.

    Thanks, I’m happy with the scenery but I think my mat could do with an upgrade. My figure basing has changed and so I would like a mat that matched.

    I thought it was ok, the mat is dirt and patchy grass and so are the bases?


    Great finish, but poor Lemmy! But at least the village has been saved… for the moment.
    It cracks me up that they were looting bodies before the fight was over. Is that automatic or a choice?

    When the characters are created, you can chose their traits and you can buy negative traits to reduce the points cost. So Lemmy had the Greedy trait, which meant he had to loot bodies that he fought against. Although I just checked and there is a Will test to avoid this, which I have never used!


    I thought it was ok, the mat is dirt and patchy grass and so are the bases?[/quote]

    Yes, I just noticed there wasn’t a lot of texture on the earth parts of the mat. I guess since I made it I notice those little things more.

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