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    Tony Hughes

    Hi Folks

    I’m looking to do some conversions of various spare figures into fantasy fighters etc.

    My problem is that I can’t find a suitable range of weapons. I do need a few spears but mostly swords and axes of various kinds. They don’t have to be specifically for fantasy but want at least a few ‘chunky’ blades – the Conan style that no sane fighter would carry.

    I have found Donnington’s range but no swords, Xyston only seem to do sheathed swords and Magister Militum do a mixed ‘Fantasy weapons’ pack without any picture or description – does anyone know what is in the pack ?

    Does anyone know of others available in the UK ?

    Tony of TTT





    I thought Alternative Armies did some, but could not find them on the site, could be a ropey memory or poor searching skills.
    If you get very stuck I can chop some weapon wielding hands off my spare 15mm and post them your way.

    Tony Hughes

    I bought some figures from AA but couldn’t find any separate weapons that I wanted either.

    Did find a big variance in size and style in the figures though, I wasn’t really expecting that from one manufacturer but, on reading their blurb, it looks like they are a collection from various old ranges so probably inevitable they’d be like that.

    Thanks for the offer Mike, I have enough spare medievals that I can do that with if it comes to that but I’m trying to avoid the faff of all that filing or pinning if I can. I’ve made them from scratch before, just don’t want the effort.

    The figures will eventually see some use with my grandson – we played Scorcerer’s Cave the last time he was here and he should be ready to move onto using figures soon.





    Hasslefree miniatures has separate weapons but for 28mm. Maybe their Dwarf weapons might be closer to the size you want.


    Tired is enough.
    R-rated narcissism


    Try https://shop.ancient-modern.co.uk/equipment-123-c.asp


    They have a number of spears, halberds, poleaxes

    Hopefully something might be of use

    Tony Hughes

    Thanks yourpaceormine. Those are the Donnington ones I mentioned in the original post. Sadly they don’t do any swords and I need some swords.




    Sorry! Tired. About the third time this evening I’ve read something and not really taken it in at all.

    Their axes are nice.

    Tony Hughes

    Yes, I’d be tempted with a mixed pack of weapons but can’t see me using most of those polearms as those are what I’ll be taking off some figures for conversions. You have at least reminded me that I still have to see what the mixed weapons & shields pack from Magister Militum contains, I’ll e-mail them tomorrow.



    telzy amber


    EQ52 Straight Sword
    Pack of 6 weapons
    Our Price: £0.75


    EQ53 Curved Sword
    Pack of 6 weapons



    Tony Hughes

    Thanks Felzy. I thought that I’d checked that list thoroughly, maybe they have just been added ? Whatever the cause it looks like I can get at least some of what I want there. Pity they won’t be at Fiasco, I’ll have to add them to my pick up list for York.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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