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    I am stockpiling for a Pico Armor scale Korean War project and as a side effect, I picked up some aircraft, just for close air support.  That, of course, turned in to “I’ll just buy a few more packs and I can do some Korean war air games!”

    I’d like you guy’s opinion on rules.  I have been scouring the internet, but am not sure which direction to go. I have MiG-15’s F-86’s, F-9’s, and even F-84’s, and I plan on getting a few B-29’s.

    Any thoughts on rules that meet these rough criteria?

    1. Work on a hex grid (I have a 1″ hex cloth)
    2. Playable solo
    3. Give a flavor of aircraft differences
    4. Pilot quality counts
    5. Gives a rough approximation of tactics such as trading altitude for speed and vice versa
    6. Maybe 6-ish altitude levels as I will be mounting them on legos
    7. Fast play and fairly simple, as this is a side project.

    I know I am asking a lot, but I am open to all recommendations.  I do own Airwar:C21, but I am skeptical about the lack of altitude, so would would welcome the thoughts of anyone who has played it.





    We’ve been playing  a lot of Pz8 air combat rules recently. They stretch to Korea. Super simple, but work surprisingly well.

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    There´s also a Bag the Hun supplement, Bag the Mig. I´ve not played it, but I am a huge fan of BtH, which meets all seven of your requirements.  And they are perfect for solo gaming.


    Good luck with the project, I am quite tempted to try Korea as well, with those Panthers and Sabres and Migs, what fun!


    Pz8 or Airwar C21 are my go to rules for air combat games……..the lack of altitude in C21 is a bonus as gun combat range combines vertical and horizontal distance in one, less paperwork and great for a ‘lite’ game……….

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    I’d also suggest Bag the MiG.

    I’ve yet to play a game using the rules but have done a stack of 1/600th planes for it (and for MiG Alley). I’ve played loads of BTH and there’s not a lot of difference between the two.


    It ticks all of your boxes too.


    Darryl Smith

    I believe that Check Your 6! ticks off most of your boxes.  Altitude, pilot quality, hex based, aircraft ratings, maneuver charts for various aircraft.  Use their Jet Age rules version, and they have a full Korean War scenario book.

    A couple of places to discuss Korean War gaming:

    Check Your 6! Yahoo group

    Gaming the Forgotten War

    Buckeye Six Actual

    Jim Jackaman

    I would have thought cy6 would be a bit too complex?


    Thanks for the feedback, guys!  I am going to get to painting and try out rules in this order:

    1. Pz8
    2. Airwar C21
    3. Bag the Mig (I used to play a LOT of BTH version 1 10+ years ago and I have the TFL special with the rules in it

    I may move on to CY6! Jet age, but will do these first based on availability and familiarity.

    Will probably have something show-able in the spring and will post my results.



    jeff fearnow

    Wish I’d gotten here earlier – Missile Threat by Ostfront is pretty clever and has exhaustive selection of aircraft throughout the proto-jet to 6th Gen eras

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