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    Sir Daniel Ponsonby the only human to ever slay a demon. Using his infamous sword Dragon’s Breathe. Forged in dragon fire it’s one of few blades which have the power to slay a demon. Now, the lands are once again under demonic attack. This fabled blade has now been found and Sir Daniel must find this lost weapon and once again wield its power, for he is the only person which can do this……….


    ……….Trouble being Sir Daniel has been dead three hundred years.


    The tomb of Sir Daniel Ponsonby, beatified here for all time. The corpse was quite well preserved for three centuries.

    However, plans of good were afoot to meet this demonic threat. Sir Daniel Ponsonby has been resurrected. He must now travel to castle Monmouth where his sword has been taken deep into the castle’s oubliette. (By a load of thieving Orcs).

    Having only one eye ball and no skin (well the magic used to raise him only went so far). Sir Daniel decided to stay clear of the good people of the lands (well you can’t have fine folk thinking there’re being attacked by the army of the dead can you?) Sir Daniel decided the best way of traveling to the south was by ship. The narrow shipping lanes used by a lot of merchant vessels could prove ideal opportunity for sneaking aboard one.





    Goblin Prowler

    The Devil’s Maw………A Goblin prowler thats best suited hunting the narrow shipping lanes for small merchant ships. Goblins are usually submissive creatures living in the shadows of Orcs. But the crew and Captain of the Devils Maw have not only mastered seaman ship skills. But also have equipped their ship with the latest tech and know how to use it.

    The prowler is not only heavily armed, its armoured too. The hull is lined with armour plates and the decks have been reinforced using metal.

    It’s primary purpose is boarding. It’s bulk and deep draft make it slow and a little cumbersome. But it doesn’t need to be fast to catch it’s pray. The Goblins have mastered the use of gunpowder and have adapted a 28” mortar which fires the grapple once in range to reel in its catch. It’s dangerous working on deck near the chains. Many a Goblin has had their legs caught by the chains as its been fired. Only to go flying off the ship with the grapple. (Much to the amusement of the Captain and other crew).

    In addition to the grappler, two deck cannons are mounted either side. Plus four deck cannons port and starboard, should the need arise for a broadside. As well as the cannons the crows nest has been modified as a weapon/observation platform. Giving the crew an ability to soften up a target before a raid with the catapult.

    The real weapon isn’t the cannons or Onager. It’s the Mauler. Where the ship gets its name. Kept below decks the Goblins have tamed a devil’s mauler (probably because Goblins don’t taste nice). An infernal beast of the demonic realm. (Bit like a bad tempered, grumpy over size dog but with armour instead of fur.) The sole purpose of this brutish animal is to board. A hatch leading from its kennel into a small boat on the port side allows it to be loaded easily. Then used to board another ship where it will eliminate all of the other ships crew with ease (especially if it’s hungry).

    The Captain is one of the very few Goblins that are apt at seamanship. He runs a tight ship and is as mean as they come. For anyone who wishes to cross him gets the VIP treatment…..(gets put in the gibbet). A favoured punishment of his. In fact the ship was supposed to be called Devil’s Mauler. But the Goblin doing the sign writing didn’t know how to spell Mauler and wrote Maw instead. This little adaptation cost him 2 days in the gibbet. (Would of been all week but the Captain favoured Maw in the end).














    And it’s this ship which Sir Daniel Ponsonby decided to stowaway. In the cover of broad daylight Ponsonby sneaks aboard and decides to wait out in the storage area. He hopes that his presences goes unnoticed……..


    ……two and a half minutes later……..


    The Captain was just about to leave for the galley to get his breakfast of poached slimmies when he gets rudely interrupted……….

    “Captain thought you ought to know we have a stowaway onboard. I’ve told the crew to scour the decks”

    “Good, I want that no good skull duggery dog swinging in yum gibbet by night fall”.

    “Captain, is that gibbet business really necessary? Can’t we just give him a good tongue lashing and drop him off at the nearest port”

    “No…there isn’t a Goblin-Jack that wouldn’t cut the throat of their fellow crew mate for the silver in their skin. There’ll be no tongue lashing”.



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    I will reply later, you have added stuff to the OP


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    No rest for the Good, eh? That tomb looks great and I love the backstory.

    Never argue with an idiot. They'll only drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.


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    Blimey, you guys post quick.  Well the tomb was really quick and easy. The Earth is simply brown emulsion base with dark green static grass. It was the ship that has taken the time. Started it months ago and only just finished it.

    Avatar photoMike

    Cool, the emulsion seems to have stained the grass and made it look darker and more deathly?

    I sense shenanigans on this adventure, nice to see some familiar models.
    I hope you will get some use out of that ship, it must have taken a long time to do?

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    Is the ships wheel partly a rudder from The Atalanta?
    Is the tan coloured hatch a laptop key?

    PS: The sea mat looks nice, and even better with the bumps in it that look like actual waves.

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    Very cool backstory

    Avatar photogreg954

    Yep, I think the dark brown base worked well with the static grass. Wasn’t intended though.

    Yes the ships wheel or the column is spare parts from the Atalanta. In fact the Atalanta is next up for painting. And is the type of small merchant ship the the Devils Maw prays on.

    The tan/bronze doors are laptop keys. I always seem to have laptop keys in my scratch build box.

    Funnily  enough I didn’t intend the mat to look like that. I only noticed it was all ruffed after I took the pics. Then did like it looked like waves

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