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    Three years ago, I wrote a feudal skirmishes ruleset, a modification to Legends of the Old West.



    I painted some Curteys Miniatures (along with some Gripping Beast foot sergants) as the Lord of Bourbon and his retinue in the first half of the 13th century.


    Here is a free company of english mercenaries ready to plunder the lands of Bourbonnais in the 13th century. Curteys Miniatures and Gripping Beast.


    Here is the Sire of St-Géran, lord of Montluçon (in the Bourbonnais) with the knight Des Ages, sire of Archignat and theirs men-at-arms.


    I painted some Gripping Beast figures as Templar knights, sergeants and men-at-arms from the Commanderie of St Jean d’entre les vignes in the french region of Bourbonnais.


    I painted some Curteys miniatures as Andrew de Chauvigny, Lord of Déols (near Châteauroux, in Berry) and Charenton (border of Berry and Bourbonnais) with the knight of Naillac and the men-at-arms. Andrew de Chauvigny was loyal to Richard the Lionheart.


    Bishop’s envoy

    Welsh bowman and whore


    I painted some Curteys Miniatures as Hugh de Lusignan, Count of La Marche with Geoffrey de Lusignan, his uncle, Lord of Vouvant and Mervent and the men-at-arms.


    Here is William des Roches, Seneschal of Anjou, Lord of Longue-Jumelle and Château-du-loir,with Amaury de Craon, his son -in-law and his retinue. William des Roches, a norman knight, went to the 3rd crusade with king Richard Lion Heart.


    Minstrels from Mirliton and Bear from Citadel.


    I painted Lambert Cadoc, Lord of Gaillon and his mercenaries. Cadoc was one of the most loyal men to Philippe II of France. He was first a mercenary captain. the french king gave him the town of Gaillon near the norman border. In 1197, the place was besieged by Richard Lionheart. Lambert Cadoc injured the king with a crossbow bolt.


    Here are Count Guy d’Auvergne, his brother-in-law Albert de la Tour du Pin and his retinue. Guy d’Auvergne was allied to the english kings like Richard the Lion Heart for it gave him more freedom to plunder.


    Here is William de Braose ( or de Briouze, baron of Kington (Herefordshire) with Walter de Lacy, his son-in-law and his retinue. William de Braose was an important baron with lands and castles in England, Wales and Ireland. After being loyal to Richard the Lionheart, he rallied John in 1199. He was the one who captured Arthur, duke of Brittany during the battle of Mirebeau in 1202. The figures are from Curteys Miniatures.


    Here is Count Centule d’Astarac with Pons Amanieu, lord of Mardaillan and his retinue. In July 1212, he was with the kings of Navarre, Aragon and Castille during the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa. In 1219, Count Centule d’Astarac was commanding the defense of the town of Marmande against the crusaders led by Amaury de Montfort and later Prince Louis of France with William des Roches. While he tried to negociate with the crusaders after a fierce defence, some knights managed to break in the town. The crusaders slaughtered the 5,000 inhabitants of Marmande.


    I painted king Philippe of France, along with Galon de Montigny, a knight who bears the Oriflamme, St-Denis sacred banner and his retinue.
    The kights figures, the men-at-arms and crossbowmen are from Crusader Miniatures.


    I painted Richard Plantagenest, King of England with William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke and his retinue. the knights, men-at-arms and crossbpwmen are Crusader Miniatures from Late Crusaders range.


    Here is a feudal levy with Crusaders Miniatures from later Crusaders range. I tried to use colours based on Michel Pastoureau, a French specialist in medieval history. He wrote several books on the history of the colours dyeing.


    King Richard I and his barons at end of the 12th century.


    Here is Gerard (Girard) de Furnival, lord of Hallamshire with Piers de Bruce, lord of Skelton and men-at-arms. Gerard de Furnival’s father fought with Richard the Lion Heart at the Siege of Acre. Gerard fought with King John at the Battle of Mirebeau in 1202. He captured Conan de Léon. During the 5th Crusade, he travelled to Jerusalem and died in the Holy Earth in 1219. The figures are from Curteys Miniatures.


    Here are Florent de Ville and Alain de Roucy with their men-at-arms. These two french knights from Champagne are long time friends. Alain de Roucy fought in the battle of Gisors in 1198 where he was defeated by Richard the Lionheart. Florent de Ville and Alain de Roucy joined Simon de Montfort in the Albigensian crusade. The two friends fought at Muret in 1213 and they are the ones who killed the king Pedro of Aragon in the heat of the battle. In 1214, they answered the call of their king, Philippe II of France and travelled north to join him at Bouvines.

    Alain de Roucy returned to the south of France two years later at the siege of Beaucaire. In 1218, he was still here at Toulouse when Simon de Montfort died. Alain de Roucy died in 1221 during the siege of his castle in Montreal, Languedoc. All the figures are from FireForge Games

    Here are Robert de Béthune and Hellin de Wavrin with their men-at-arms. Robert is Lord of Béthune, Richebourg, Varneston and Termonde. He is the son of William de Bethune. He is a vassal of the count of Flanders. He was the ambassador of Flanders in England. In 1213, he helped the destruction of the french fleet in Damme while Lambert Cadoc and Savary de Mauléon, on the french side, plundered the town instead of protecting the ships against William Longépée, Earl of Salisbury’s rescue fleet. The following year, he fought at Bouvines on the coalition’s side along with Hellin de Wavrin, lord of Wavrin, Lilliers and Senechal of Flanders. Robert was captured by french knights.

    One of his daughter married Guy de Dampierre, count of Flanders (and grand-son of Guy de Dampierre, Lord of Bourbon). Another one married Hellin de Wavrin, Hellin de Wavrin’s son who fought at Bouvines with his father. All the figures are from FireForge Games


    I also painted a lot of terrain and scenics, siege engines and there are some battle reports.






    Avatar photoPatrice


    With so many troops it’s bigger than a small skirmish


    Avatar photowillz

    Simply stunning Olivier, your figures remind me of one of my favorite board games “Cry Havoc” the figures you are using would be ideal for it.

    I think I may have to buy some of those figures.

    Avatar photoNorm S

    Very nice – I keep seeing things that beg me to get into!

    there are quite a few Lion Rampant AAR’s at the moment, showing the same sort of gorgeous focus on individual medieval figures as your post does.

    It’s got to be worth a couple of boxes of 28mm to have a go. I do like your terrain.

    Avatar photoCerdic

    Beautiful work! Really inspiring!

    Avatar photoNorthern Monkey

    Great stuff, and the rules are something ive been looking for, for along time!

    My attempt at a Blog: http://ablogofwar.blogspot.co.uk/

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