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    After I foiled the gas attack on Limassol, the Russians are back, during the night they have snuck in T90 tanks and BMP2s with infantry. And have occupied the neighborhood where my friend Sven lives.  Ready to execute him for spying on Russian interest in the eastern medieratian.
    Since the enemy is within the houses I just use smart bombs. I have loaded up 4 GBU-12s 500lb smart bombs and 2 GBU-10s 2000lb smart bombs.

    I start by going to A-G mode and choosing CCRP just like I did with the ripple bombing, but instead of programming ripple and distance between bombs. I start the TGP (targeting pod) I use a mini stick on my throttle to move the camera around, using the heat mode to see the armor.
    I find a BMP2 in someone’s garden, I lock on and fly towards the target 5 seconds from the drop I hold in the release button and it will drop at the right time by itself, a few seconds after it’s released I hold down the first indent of the trigger, which will activate the laser. And turn to the left to make sure the targeting pod has a clear view. And the bomb hits its target.
    I do the same with two other BMPs with infantry parked outside someone’s house.

    I find the T90 tanks in an open field, going for the overkill I used the GBU-10s which has almost 1000lb of explosives in them. I take out one then the other.

    4 bombs and 5 armor vehicles and half a dozen infantry down.  My friend is safe for another day.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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