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    Avatar photopiers brand

    Painted some of the test prints for the PSC 15mm German Heavy Weapon Team crews… They go with the recently released Early War Infantry.

    These are the laser cut resin stuff they used in the prototyping machines, and had crazy detail for 15mm! Dunno if the final plastics will be as detailed but I did enjoy painting these ones. Just goes to show how good 3D printing, as small as 15mm, can be.

    Avatar photoAllen Curtis

    I found the detail on the British set to be excellent: sometimes subtle, but there and paintable (though I hardly did it credit, so be thankful for a blurry photo!).


    The main problem I found with the Brits was where the injection molding couldn’t handle undercuts, so the boundaries of some items, especially packs and arms, were indistinct and had to be painted in.

    Avatar photoAllen Curtis

    So I’m looking forward to the Germans.  Right now, my early ones are a mix of Skytrex/Old Glory and True North, so the PSC sets will be a bit of an upgrade.


    Avatar photoWar Panda

    Beautiful  and hard to believe they’re only 15mm. Looks like there’s a decent amount of detail there too; no doubt helped by some magical brush strokes.

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    Avatar photoNTM

    Early war not really my thing but will be getting this set to add variety to my later force especially as it includes infantry guns in the box

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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