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    Lonnie Jones


    Just wanted to see if I could peak some people’s interests; I have long since been working on a story for a miniatures line and have decided to introduce this idea into the hobby by way of Kickstarter.

    [Kickstarter page]: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/soldurios28mm/28mm-miniature-futuristic-warriors

    I am proud to say that some of the most talented people in this industry have graciously decided to work with me; Mr. Anton Ducrot from Flytrap Factory & Jason Spykerman, whose experience in BioWare working as a Game Designer has allowed me to put an image to the World in my mind.

    This miniature project revolves around a Space Opera and is scaled in 28mm. Although it possesses much of the nostalgic presence common to Space Opera product lines the miniatures still have a very real-to-life and serious overtone about them.

    Currently you can view the background story, our basic sculpt which is serving as our dolly for much of the soon-to-come sculpts, and funding information related to snagging up these models as they are finished being sculpted.

    Please come by the Kickstarter page, and do support us! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lonnie Jones

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