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    Lonnie Jones

    Hi Everyone,

    It’s been a minute! Before rambling on too much further I want to start out by thanking everyone who showed interests in the miniatures I am having produced, as well as those who committed to the small albeit successful KickStarter.

    Since the KickStarter we were able to discover a few quirks which help make our 6mm models so unique, and sort those out for future commercial production. The miniatures themselves have gone out to the pre-orders. Out of 14 or so pre-orders, 4 were from overseas supporters! I thought that was pretty damn cool. I have had positive feedback from everybody so far, and look forward to seeing the miniatures in all of their collections and painted up. ­čÖé

    Towards the end of the KickStarter one of the later concepts which didn’t make it into the KickStarter campaign was actually fleshed out and sculpted- awaiting to be given production molds with our talented manufacturer. These are the Mayanki equivalent of the nanotech warriors (quads) who largely belong to the Yakuzatek people.

    Mayanki Giants

    Mayanki Giants.

    These fellows are in fact to-scale with the rest of the 6mm Soldurios universe. If you have followed the story of the universe thus far there is a ton of cybernetics, eugenics, genetic engineering, and nanotechnology to boot.

    To quote my original post on the Facebook for my miniatures and myself representative of:

    “Mayanki Giants; these are a sub-culture within the Mayanki Soldurian grouping. Elite hunters who live on a singular planet on the outer fringe of the Mayanki empire. Though clearly benefit of the Soldurian nanotech genes, these behemoths underwent further genetic drift through dedicated eugenic practices, originating on a past frontier world where even Soldurian types were not enough to contend with aboriginal animal and plant life. As hunters the giants utilize camouflage in the form of active cloaking by nano cells as well as direct application of concentrated power and strength in melee combat. Though considered to be savages by even their Mayanki rulers the warriors have few equals in hand-to-hand combat, making them ideal for ruthless (and quite personal!) assassination missions on an active battlefield.”

    While these are nearly ready to hit the market on ZombieSmith’s web-store (when he is able to launch the miniatures there), we will almost be ready to introduce the as-of-now ‘final behemoth’; somewhere in-between the Yakuzatek ‘Quads’ & the Mayanki Giants, but offering a totally awesome tactic to throw at your enemies on the battlefield.

    Currently there are a total of 4 Soldurios seen in the 6mm miniatures, the Soldurios not representative of any one culture (Greco-Roman theme), the Celtican (North American & Western European), Yakuzatek (Chinese & Japanese Yakuza), and the Mayanki (African & South American). In the works are several unique vehicles… and we will return to the warriors to focus on creating individual squads with each particular theme in focus. After we get through these I want to start exploring the more civil side of things for a bit… all within the Soldurios universe. Expect animals, cityscape components, and unique buildings that are pivotal to the Soldurios existence.


    Lonnie Jones, Battle Ready Crows









    How tall are those fellas?


    Lonnie Jones

    I will try to get size comparisons with other models currently in the range; but as they are Giants they are considerably large. I believe these are 11mm-15mm.


    Darkest Star Games

    I like how they look as thought they are an even blend of cyborg and tiki mask.  That could be really fun!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    Lonnie Jones

    I like how they look as thought they are an even blend of cyborg and tiki mask. That could be really fun!

    Thank you for your comment! It is sincerely appreciated.

    The idea is to start to fill out  the general ranks within the various cultures, and progressively work towards the more extreme which might appear less human and more abstract.

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