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    I just playtested my solo rules, and they were great! I used them to place german patrols, as I moved more commandos onto the table or move the ones on the table. when contact occured it was a brutal shootout. I loved how they allowed a solo game to be enjoyable. Im sure some more tweeking will do them good, but they really are good at solo.


    Solo Rules for WW2/Any era

    1) place 6 green and 6 Red dice at prominant positions on the table, but with the pips all different faceup( that means each dice is a different value, green are value 1 to 6 , red you add 6 so the red equal 7 to 12). Prominat positions dont mean terrain they mean strategic positions.

    2) put both sides figures on the side of the board, ready to enter. when an attacking sides moves onto the table(movement is 12inches), then roll two green dice, to get the from point(locate the dice that represents the value, EG 7 would be red 1), now roll them again to get the to point. Now roll a d10 and divide the distance from point and to point into 10 and put a german figure at the distance indicated by the d10 roll from the from point. If the german is within 8 inches of an attacking figure then resolve combat.

    3) you can continue moving the figures you just placed or bring others onto the table, but every fig that moves or is brought on the table triggers a german patrol. you have a predeterined number of attacking figs, once the count is of moved units hits 12 then all german figs are removed and start patrol again, but the attacking figs remain on the table. the count of 12 can be adjusted depending on size of table.

    Combat is brutal and fast, and both sides fight together, its a simple D6 roll for attack anda d6 roll for fefence for each man in the battle. if your attack roll is greater then the enemy defence roll kills, if your attack roll equals the enemy defence roll wounds. keep rolling untill one side is all killed or wounded. if a figs starts wounded deduct 2 from every roll.

    a wounded fig is captured after the fight.

    all figs that are in 8inches of an enemy are spotted and must combat it out. any enemy figs in 8inches of the german who spotted you can join in the fight.

    You must move a fig towards an objective every move, or bring on to the table another fig.

    captured figs van be resued as an objective.

    you can move units to points to protect you as you retreat, or move men to form a bigger group to be stronger in combat.

    your objectives are to make contact with importaant figs like prisoners, or enemy officers, or Guns, or locations to demolise. then you must escape

    only one fig can be resued by one fig, you cant rescue 2 or more at a time.

    its upto you but count all figs captured and killed and deduct it from objectives


    Looks like an exciting game. I think these type of solo games with unpredictable enemy deployment work really well with WW2 games. I recommend Platoon Forward, available from the Lardies. It is a similar type game with unpredictable enemy deployment that can be run in campaign mode. Works with any core WW2 ruleset (I used Bolt action).


    This sounds interesting. Also I recognise the castle from Facebook.


    Thanks for the advice , Yes i popped it on the wargame pages of facebook, had a lot of likes on SOLO wargames

    what suprised me about my rules is i did not make any decisions for the enemy germans,



    This is a Method to roll for combat in WW2, all weapons were one shot kills or badly wound, if you can hit with a low powered pistol its comprable to being hit with a rifle, NOT the same but the effects are bad.

    So I wanted a system that I could keep in my head with no paperwork. these rules are for infantry with a few figures, these rules are only for the combat dice rolls


    in an enemy attack, the attack keeps going untill a return fire is triggered then continues untill one side is all elimated pushed back or wounded. Heavy weapons roll one D10 small powered weapons roll a D6, then the result is effected NOT modified but effected by all cover dice rolls (D6 cover rolls) which has a table to adjust the result of the first roll. every hiderence to a shot adds a cover die to roll, each cover must have a shot gets through outcome for a shot to pass. a leader can issue an order by rolling the command dice, each command dice result has to be followed.

    Results table to be adjusted with each event die roll

    1 misfire
    2 wide miss
    3 narrow miss
    4 hit gear like a helmet
    5 hit limb and wound
    6 enemy return fire
    7 leathal hit like head
    8 narrow miss
    9 hit limb and wound
    10 enemy return fire

    Cover roll effect

    1 shot gets through
    2 half cover roll die again
    3 full cover shot blocked
    4 full cover shot blocked
    5 half cover roll die again
    6 shot gets through

    command result table

    1 hit the dirt for an extra cover die
    2 return fire, roll for attack after current attacker has finished
    3 retreat 12 yards
    4 leave the area completely
    5 return fire, roll for attack after current attacker has finished
    6 target enemy leader and return fire, roll for attack after current attacker has finished

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