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    Hi all

    I’m looking for some suggestion for solo rules for WW2 air combat gaming, preferably something that can be bolted on to an existing ruleset. I have BTH, Mustangs and my favourite Scramble.

    I’m not fussed if it is for a particular theatre or not as I have a pretty good selection of 1/300th planes (BoB, Malta, SCW, Late war NWE, Nightfighters).

    My main requirement is that there is a good solo AI system,  not just the “play both sides” kind of solo rules.

    In regards to a style of game, I can see a solo system working better for bomber attack game or nightfighters.

    So far my google fu has been weak


    EDIT: I forgot to mention I have Squadron Forward by TFL.


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    Have you tried the air rules at Lone Warrior?

    Complete Rule Sets


    www.olivercromwell.org; www.battlefieldstrust.com
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    Avatar photo6mmwargaming

    Yes I’ve grabbed a couple and there are some good ideas in those. BTW I’m looking for a tabletop game with miniatures not a boardgame

    I’m keen to see what else is out there.

    My 6mm Wargaming site https://6mm.wargaming.info

    Avatar photoDon Glewwe

    Maybe some ideas can be gleaned from “Target for Tonight”?


    Avatar photowarwell

    You may be able to adapt ideas from the Spandau and Lewis rules to WW2. They are available for free at the Stronghold Rebuilt.

    They do not use secret maneuver selection, so I have found them eminently useful for solo gaming.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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