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    Jeff Glasco

    Recently I have posted some general order of battle information for the American Revolution (more to come), as well as a scenario and order of battle material and a set of charts for playing the American Revolution with Johnny Reb 3. Much of the order of battle information can be exported to any rule system. You can find that on my blog at: Gentlemanly Wargaming.




    A very interesting blog, thanks for sharing Jeff.

    Have you looked at this forum



    Norm S

    Excellent way to use a blog – very nice.

    Jeff Glasco


    Thanks, I’m totally useless with a camera so I can’t really do the blog with nice pictures of well painted miniatures, so this seemed to be a way to post something useful on the blog.



    This is an excellent blog with a lot of great information.


    Thanks Jeff

    Author of Day of Battle, I game in 25mm and 40mm scales. Also enjoy Horse and Musket and WWII Western Front Games.

    John McBride

    I love JR but prefer JR2.  Have you looked at JOHNNY TREMAINE? I think it is JR for AWI but have never played it.  There was also a JR variant for 7YW or such: LAST ARGUMENT OF KINGS, maybe?

    And I stole a lot of key idea — simultaneous movement with chits — from JR for PRIDE OF LIONS.

    I’ll give your blog a good look.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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