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    Avatar photoMark75

    Hi Ivan, I ‘ve posted this on my last thread and maybe you didn’t noticed and I need some answers.
    Last few days, I managed to play three matches. one solo of my campaign and two with my 14 years old son. The games head on head had duration 6-7 hours, for sure were long but we used large table and a lot of scenery. The first was squad vs squad with one support each and the second match 2 squads with 2 supports each. My son really liked, it was the first ever touch of miniature tabletop game, and he was askind me to play again and again new scenarios.

    Well, I faced some subjects, after all and I need your lights.

    Always, I take  Americans and the enemy is German. The German squad and every squad, always has Mg34 machine gun in its team, sometimes as support Mg42 (the last game I played). These two guns are really lethal because they are the only (and snipers), that may shoot on reaction on long range with all the shock dices (4-6ds Mg34,  6-8ds Mg42). Also, If your scenery has more woods and hedges and less walls and buildings and these guns firing all the time above your head, then you ‘re always retreat(too much shock dices to avoid it) going back not finding cover, as these elements are not consider cover but concealments(photo). Machine guns always pinned me on.  It is really something that bothers me on this, maybe I’m doing something wrong. I thought, to consider all the elements cover, then I thought to stop the potencial to shoot on reaction while you ‘re on long range and last I thought +to half the dices. I can’t decide. Give me your personal practise, please.      Of course, I have to mention that I didn’t use the hugging dirt rule at all and maybe this is the key.

    Also, I can’t figure out where  is mentioned the mortars, for example 6Omm. On section Supporting Fire you ‘re reffering on Artilleries and mortars off the table. On Weapons section, on grenade launcher you mentioned the very light mortars.  I think is the explosives section but next to blast radius column is missing the dice per figure column.  Moreover, mortars, cannons, grenades can react?

    Mortars teams or machine guns teams with attached assistants are moving together using one action or separately? Can the assistants fire individualy by their guns, or are always considered assistants of the main weapon?

    Can a figure to hug dirt behind a hedge or a wood, or it must always be an element of cover, such a wall? And If he is doing so, the line of fire still is broken?

    I’ making my personal FAQ ……


    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    Hey Mark, I am dreadfully sorry.
    I saw your message and responded in my head but somehow managed to forget to actually reply 🙂

    So first things first:

    Yes, the hugging dirt rule is vital. I should have emphasized this more in the rules, but it’s one of the most vital parts.
    Without it, you won’t be able to move within sight of enemy machine guns. Think of “hugging dirt” as troops crawling forward behind walls and hedgerows.

    This isn’t explained well, but mortars roll the same dice as the equivalent size “cannon” on page 33.
    Guns can react, mortars cannot.

    Gun crews:
    As written, each crew member is an individual figure however this doesn’t play well and you should treat them all as a single figure for action dice purposes.

    Hugging dirt:
    You can hug behind anything that would obscure you. Single boulders, a tree, hedgerow etc. are all valid and will break LOS.

    Hope that helps and again, dreadfully sorry i forgot your post.

    Avatar photoMark75


    don’t bother, I thought that might that happened.

    I must admit  that your last answers, were sufficient,concrete and clear to my queries.

    After that, I feel strongly the need to give a new battle to myself with the new data.I have the conviction that it will be a new thing.

    What a great game…..

    Thanks……whatever I face again…..I know.


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