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    Happy (Belated) Easter! If Easter is not your thing, please mentally erase the first few words of this post. I do bring the holiday up because it meant that not much got taken care of this weekend with regards to wargaming. To my chagrin, I did not play a single game; I suppose I shouldn’t have slept 😉 Aside from celebrating Easter all day Sunday with family and friends, Saturday morning the older of my boys had a baseball game (he was player of the game!), and some of you may know that my wife is Buddhist, and their New Year just started, so after baseball the rest of the day was spent at the temple for Songkhran festival. So, no games, but I did manage to get some troops prepped.

    Let’s take a look. I spent the bulk of my limited wargame time re-basing my 10mm Napoleonics for yet another project in service of the Commissar. This really hurt, because these are the only troops I’ve ever bought that someone else painted for me, and they came based 12 infantry and 6 cavalry to a stand. I then pulled them off those and based them differently. Then I did it again. And now I went a put them back on 12 infantry to a stand, though only 3 cavalry to a stand. So, it was a lot of work to return to their roots…

    The whole shebang, with French, Bavarians, Poles, Italians, and Saxons on top, Brits, Dutch, Prussians, Austrians, and Russians on bottom. Total, there’s about 40 infantry stands, 50 skirmish bases, 30 cavalry stands, 15 artillery stands, and various command stands.

    Here’s what they look like up close. Infantry have twelve figures per base, cav 3, and arty has two guns and two men (Foot) or 1 horseman (Horse).

    If you’d like to see a bunch more photos, please check the blog at:

    I also got a bunch of 6mm and 10mm stuff cleaned up and put on sticks, ready to prime, but haven’t primed as the weather is not cooperating.

    In any case, sorry, no games, but they’re coming, so stay tuned.


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    OH NO !!! Not Nappies !!!! My eyes they bleed……….. Nice looking 6 and 10 mm  armor.

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